Trading Tips & Etiquette 3/27/12


Trading is an essential part of SOTMK especially if you’re looking to complete your deck, 1-60 that is. Even cards 61-70 can be had through trades as well.  Here’s some tips…

  • Star Cards are rares, be sure you’re only trading A STAR FOR A STAR, some people will take a 3+ cards (uncommons & commons) for a Star Card.  REMEMBER a TIANA for a TRITON IS NOT A GOOD TRADE : ) IMO I’m not a fan of trading multiples of cards for 1 especially if you’re not a local, you’re only getting a limited amount of packs during your trip.  Save your duplicate Star Card to trade for one you don’t have, someone will need it trust me.
  • As crazy as it sounds some people do have duplicate Lightning Bolts, that is if they haven’t sold them on eBay.  I witnessed 2 trades of those, it involved 5 Star Cards and a Vinylmation for a Finn McMissile.  The other was 10 unopened packs, pins, & a vinylmation for a Jasmine.  Yes people will part with them you just have to be creative and see what you can do to wheel and deal.
  • Be polite with traders and when you’re trading. I’ve experienced some nasty people first hand, and have witnessed it as well. It’s not uncommon to ask other sorcerers if they’d like to trade while waiting in line.  If you’re not interested a simple “No Thank You” will do. If the person says no let it be, don’t continue to pry and force a trade, it just makes you look creepy its that simple. Typically I carry around a lot of doubles of commons and uncommons and I will give them out to random families while waiting in line in order to help them complete decks.  I’ll open with, “Are you guys just starting out?” if they say yes I’ll pull out a stack of cards and allow them to choose a couple and I ask for nothing in return.  There have been a few occasions where before I can get to that point  someone in their party jumped down my throat assuming I just want to trade and take advantage of them for their “good cards”.  At that point I tell them what I was going to do, then they feel horrible and I have a laugh.

In conclusion everyone has a common goal here and that’s to beat the game and collect all the cards.  Work together and help others when you can! There’s no point in keeping doubles upon doubles of common cards, give some away, help out some traders.  You’d be surprised maybe some good karma might come your way when you’re battling with Yzma or you’ll get that last card you need in your next pack.

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