Easy Mode Lockdown Personal Thoughts 3/28/12


Personally I find this is very disappointing.  I realize capacity has become a problem, but if you break it down its really only an issue in Fantasyland first and foremost due to how close the portals are to one another.  Right behind the castle you have 3 portals right in a row, and 2 more portals virtually right across from those.

Another issue is the amount of villains your facing in that area, Ursula, Maleficent, & Hades/Chernabog which has the most portal visits for any villain with the combination of all those variables plus intro screens and end game screen.  Also considering that it is already an extremely high traffic area due to the amount of guests that want to walk through the castle, you are going to have waits and traffic jams.  It’s simply unavoidable.  (Yes I know Adventureland has 3 villains however, the portals have enough distance from one another to not cause log jams as often as Fantasyland)

The one thing that I’m hearing today from people both is that the game should be age restricted, which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

If you’re expecting to come to Walt Disney World and not have to wait in any lines for attractions or experiences you aren’t out of your mind.  The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the top if not the top tourist destination in the US.  With a new interactive experience such as this one where basically free keepsakes are being distributed it is going to become extremely popular.  However suggesting that older players, whether you’re a day guest, CM, AP, or local should be restricted to playing at certain times of the day is asinine.  As I said in another forum that’s like saying no one over the age of 16 should be allowed on attractions in Fantasyland or no one under the age of 16 should be allowed to ride Space Mountain.  That’s absurd, WDW is a place where everyone can have fun.  If playing SOTMK is all you want to do while in the Magic Kingdom that is your prerogative.

Here’s as idea for those who want reduced wait times for this attraction.
They need to develop an option to skip through the intro scenes when facing a new villain, for a repeat player its pointless to watch those animations repeatedly.  If repeat players where able to do that it would greatly reduce waits.  The only difference between the harder levels and easy is  2 more spells per villain, except Chernabog which is 3.

If I’m Disney I’d be loving this.  Here’s why, I spoke with many guests over the past week and roughly half of them told me they extended their stay by a 1/2 day or more just so they can continue to collect more cards and continue the game so they can play on the HARDER LEVELS.

The bottom line,  players no matter what age that are seeking to beat the game on medium or hard shouldn’t be penalized just because XYZ Family from Anytown, USA can’t handle waiting in lines at the portals.

It’s ridiculous.

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