Don’t Spoil The Fun 3/29/12

Hey Folks, today’s post is a common sense tip.  Considering most people lack it when visiting the World I thought I’d offer this tidbit of info.

Since its official opening on February 22nd 2012, SOTMK has become EXTREMELY POPULAR (no surprise here) lots of day guests are playing, but mostly playing are AP’s & CM’s so when you see someone playing for the first time don’t offer help unless they ask for it.  Otherwise you’ll look like a total doofus.  What I’m getting at is if you see someone is on a particular stage where you know they’re going to only need to use the sorcerer’s crest, don’t ruin it for them by yelling out something like “YOU CAN’T CAST A SPELL HERE!”.  This might be their only chance to play the game don’t go and spoil the story lines for them.

Trust me no one cares that you’ve beaten the game on hard 5 times, that you’re collecting your 3rd deck, or how many times you’ve beaten this villain. Standing in line bragging to the first time family and butting into peoples game play while you’re waiting just makes you look ignorant and silly.  Especially if you’re there by yourself.  Have fun, but don’t offer unsolicited advice it just makes you look creepy.



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