FAIL! 3/29/12



Well apparently some players were allowed to stay on their levels whether it be Medium or Hard and others were not as a lucky.  Due to the madness of the imposed Easy Mode Lockdown!

Once again the amount of crazy misinformation and lack of communication of those running this attraction caused a major FAIL.

So my advice to you, if you’re on either of these levels try like hell to stay there.  Tell them you know of people still on those levels and it’s not fair for you to get bumped down when you know others are playing the game on medium/hard.

Now I’m just bitter… Oh well.

They just better get citrus swirl up and running again!


2 thoughts on “FAIL! 3/29/12

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. My daughter and I have played the game since they were testing it and finally finished Medium to start on Hard. The morning we went to get our cards to start playing on hard the CM swiped our tickets and gave us the key, when we got to playing we noticed we were back on easy. (this was before the lockdown) So we went back to the firehouse and explained to another CM there that we were starting on Hard, the CM didn’t want to put us on that level, we stood our ground, it took us a long time to finish Medium and we were not going back to start all over. After showing her that we had a complete set of cards and we pretty much knew were all the portarls were, etc. she put us back on hard. So in the meantime I don’t plan on playing this key until it’s all back to normal.

  2. Good to hear. I tried today to get moved back up but was told, they can’t because there’s a “glitch” in the medium/hard levels. Smells funny huh?

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