Rise & Shine! 4/2/12

Hey Everyone!

After a busy weekend I headed out to MK bright and early to battle those pesky villains that are trying to take over the Magic Kingdom.  This is the only the third time I have gone to play around rope drop and I have to say it’s the way to go.  There are certain areas you will absolutely breeze through, those of which are Frontierland and believe it or not Main Street.  I have done this 3 times and have gotten through Main Street at a rapid pace.  With lots of folks stopping to take photos, buying merchandise,  and doing character meet & greets.  You’ll find virtually no waits at any of the portals on Main Street.  My advice to you is when checking in, if you’re a new player or continuing an adventure and you have yet to battle Cruella ask to switch to Main Street while it’s still early.  You might think won’t the Trolley show block my path? Doubtful, more often than not you’ll hit up the 2 portals at Uptown Jewelers, Main Street Cinema, & either Emporium or the Train Station.  So get that done early and avoid the madness later!

Frontierland was also a ghost town in the early park hours, with many guests making the mad dash for Fastpasses or an early trip to Splash Mountain, you’ll have no problem taking on Ratcliffe or Dr. Facilier in a hurry.  Same goes for Fantasyland, the portals tend to be light in the first few hours of park open.  If you going to just concentrate on playing for first few hours you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish.


3 thoughts on “Rise & Shine! 4/2/12

    • What times are you playing at night? Early hours are the best in Frontierland and Adventureland. Especially before people are having lunch. With double day parades its good to take advantage (12:30) of a slow Fantasyland as well.

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