My #1 Guy 4/3/12

Hello Sorcerers!

I want to preface this post with this in mind. This blog is my personal opinion and there was something I experienced today that I want to share with you and it centers around card number 1 Apprentice Mickey.   In my personal experience I have found this card to be incredibly difficult to find.  I’ve talked with numerous people on this subject and it seems to be the one card that eludes everyone in their quest to complete 1-60.  Of all the packs I have opened week in and week out I still have yet to find one the conventional way.  Yet there are folks who pop in and grab a pack and wham there he is.  Like most people I acquired mine through a trade, not for another card but for a pin.  At the time when I was building my deck I didn’t have many doubles of stars, any I had were traded quickly or given away to friends and people I met while playing.  However one day while waiting my turn in Tortuga the person in front of me asked if there any cards I needed, Apprentice Mickey came to mind so I gave it a shot.  He said “you’re in luck I have an extra”.  I was overjoyed but quickly deflated as I knew I had nothing to trade him for it.  I took notice of  his lanyard of  hidden mickey pins and thought maybe he’ll take a pin for it.  I asked him if he wanted to see the pins I had and he obliged, thus the deal was done.  I am extremely grateful because I had no idea just how nasty people have gotten over this particular card.

Today I met a guy with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, but 5 Apprentice Mickey’s on hand!  We got to talking and he had told me been playing since testing and acquired them fairly easily all through spell packs.  After running into him later in the day I observed  a kid probably about 8 or 9 ask him if he wanted to trade he said it depends what do you have?  The young sorcerer had a nice collection of doubles and a wealth of knowledge telling him he was only interested in trading stars for stars (I wonder where he gets his info haha).  After showing off his collection to the kid, he knew exactly what he needed so he offered up a King Triton for an Apprentice Mickey.  The older gentleman scoffed at him in a nasty tone “The only way you’re getting one of these is if you have a lightning bolt.”  Disappointed and disgusted the child and his family took off to their next portal.

As soon as family walked away I couldn’t help myself by sarcastically saying “Are you always that nice?”  He told me to mind my own business and that as a collector he is entitled to do what he wants with his cards since he “worked hard to get them” and that this is the “toughest find, I’m not just going to give it away”.   I later learned after seeing him later and talking with a local whom I run into quite often that this man in question is a CM.  I was just so disgusted that a grown man couldn’t just help the kid out by making the trade and on top of it is a CM.  Why carry an abundance of what’s considered the most difficult card (1-60) to acquire and trade it.  Especially to some random kid who may not ever come here again.  Now OK, its one thing if you want to keep an extra if it’s a character you like I get that.  However you’re a tad unreasonable if you think you’re just going to snag a highly coveted lightning bolt card out of thin air.  I think people forget this is Walt Disney World, as a CM he should know better.

If you’re out there sir and you’re reading this you should be ashamed of yourself.

6 thoughts on “My #1 Guy 4/3/12

  1. I just mostly give my dups away. I can always get more and I like helping small kids out. I have run into very nice people and I’ve run into a******* like the guy you described who remins me of some pin traders I know (which is why I don’t pin trade).

  2. I have heard of this jerk (edited for kids). If I ever see this guy I will get his name and place of work and place it on this site. Then I think everyone should send Disney an e-mail on this CM. Personally I have had 3 #1 cards and just traded star for star. One time it helped a girl complete her deck. I personally keep all of my duplicates and use them almost as a trade market. One day we cycled through almost every star as a duplicate(we only had 2 duplicates) through trading people their duplicate stars for ones they didn’t have.(except no Mickey) If you ever see us check for any stars you may need. I am usually with my wife and were a Galactic Hero shirt, faded purple, or Angry Birds.

    • Daniel

      While I appreciate your comment. I have to ask you please not to share any personal information about this person on the site. The purpose of my post was simply to inform those of people like this. This guy is simply a bad egg and we should just leave it at that. However I do agree with sending an email to Disney or even yet telling someone at Guest Relations. Disney wants your feedback, it helps them provide a better guest experience. Take care hopefully I’ll see you around!

      • My husband and I have been fortunate enough to have two different weeks playing SOTMK. We have loved it. We started the week before opening and again last week. Hubby finished collecting his set on our last day at Disney, last Monday night at midnight, in the shadows of the Tortuga Inn. He traded sometimes 3 star cards for the ones he needed, but it was worth it for his piece of mind. And a happy husband makes for a happy wife. Our trading days are past tense, except for kids in the que needing any duplicates we have… And BTW most cast members and other players really worked to help each other out with missing cards and trying to figure out the rules.

        The Inn and the late night trading tables are becoming Pirate inspired, location?… Osmosis from close proximity to Captain Jack ?… Profiteers? There will always be people trying to make a buck off collectors and gamers, always. Just have fun and ignore them and warn new players about these guys. They can be kicked out if they ask for cash.

        But I have to add my thoughts about the CM you reference. And he is a CM. I think we encountered him every night this last trip. He never smiled. He was rude to the kids playing the game. And almost stalked a seven year old boy who he thought had #70, Winnie the Pooh. The boy had gone home and printed #70 on, in his words, good card stock and a high quality printer. Brilliant kid.

        This single man followed this kid to several portals. He watched the boy so intently, I asked if he was proud of his son. He said, “God no, he’s not mine.” that’s when my Mom gene kicked in and I watched this guy closely then and for the rest of week. He went straight to the boy after he cast his bee spell for the third time and asked him, “how did you get that card, no one can have that card. I can’t find this card.” To which the boy said, “Easy, I made it.”. And with that knowledge this creepy guy left the child alone and went back to lurking for trades. I was glad to see this boy’s mom show up an hour later.

        My personal opinion, parents keep an eye on your kids and don’t let the younger ones play alone while the rest of the family is somewhere else. I think the cards 1 thru 60 will continue to be available for quite some time, not super “rare”, not ever. Not even 61-70 when they are released. The reworked Woody card, and miss-numbered cards will have collector value rapidly, and any of the Beta cards will too but to a far lesser extent…

        But perhaps comic con and dragon con will prove me wrong very soon. Usually does.

        Guys like this CM, they should remember its a game, a fun game, that for a very limited time at Disney SOTMK is a very “rare” thing indeed… It’s free.

      • Yes you are right, you’ll encounter a bunch of nice and helpful people while playing this game. There are definitely those out there CM’s and locals alike who are willing to help each other complete their decks 1-60. However there are a lot of ignorant folks like the one I blogged about. Not everyone is bad, you just have to keep your eyes out for the card sharks. Thanks for reading and congrats on finishing your set!

  3. I think you hit the nail right on the head. I can see this happening in the future. Just look at pin trading. I stopped that years ago for the exact same reason: Hoarders. (I’ve written an article on the subject: ) It may be a ‘rare’ card, but you’ve obviously been able to find a quite a few. And what difference does it make whether you have 1 card or 20 of them? You can only use one! Spread the enjoyment for everyone!
    While sure, everyone is entitled to keep whatever they don’t want to trade, that does not give them reason to be jerks. It’s a shame that things have come down to this level, especially with a CM. If you don’t want to trade a card, then don’t bring it out!
    I think that everyone needs to remember that it is just a game and to have fun with it!

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