Please Don’t Block The Camera… 4/4/12

A new sign off the Liberty Square walkway.

I decided to take another early morning visit to MK, and I 100% stand by my recent post to play in the morning.  Crowds are so light around the portals it makes playing in places like Fantasyland that much more enjoyable despite still having to maneuver through the stroller parking lot.  In addition, being up to hit up Tortuga before it opens for lunch service is huge!   Get up and eat your wheaties, its worth it!

Despite the light crowds at the portals you still run into the problem of groups hovering around you while playing or someone crowding around a portal. Specifically in Tortuga during the lunch rush or Fantasyland in the middle of the day. For example people like to sit on the ledges around the frog and crown portals which will block the cameras from reading the spell cards.  I know people just can’t help themselves when they see bright lights and hear loud noises, however you have to understand that the person standing there holding up a card is interacting with the screen.  By walking right in front of them and gawking you’re ruining the experience.  If WDW research wants to know what causes line backups and long waits this is one of the reasons. By getting in the way of the cameras you’ll cause the sorcerer to either, have to reopen the portal because the spell card wasn’t read or go to another portal in the area to repeat the scene. By doing so it’s adding another player that didn’t need to necessarily be there in the first place.  Personally it’s frustrating to not be able to complete a scene because there’s a person hovering around the portal blocking the camera. I do realize that some portals were put in locations where there is going to be some foot traffic and that’s fine.

It’s inevitable that people are over excited and anxious when visiting the parks, just try to remember you’re not the only person there and be mindful of others.

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