Holding Up Multiple Cards 4/5/12

The one thing I find most entertaining about playing SOTMK is the different animations you get to see when casting spells.  The more you play with the same cards they become stronger, this in turn causes the animations to change.  By holding up multiple cards you’ll get to see just how good some of them interact with each other.  It’s something you’ll need to know when playing on the harder levels, but that’s for another day.  One of my favorites is using Baloo, Mowgli & Colonel Hathi it’s an awesome combination and when the camera picks them all up the payoff is sweet.

For the short time I was at MK today I noticed someone trying to hold up about 8 cards.  As far as I know the cameras can pick up as many as 6.  In my opinion you don’t need to go with more than 3.  The reason being, some of the animations will not work together and you’ll only end up seeing a couple or sometimes just one  Prime example of this is “Mike’s Grand Entrance” this card is great on its own, as it cuts to an actual clip.  So if you’re wondering why you’re only seeing the animation from one card when you’re holding up multiple spells it’s because they just don’t mix.  So my advice, if you’d like to try multiple spells keep it simple and start with 2 cards.  The more you continue to play with different cards you’ll get to know exactly what each one does.  Then you’ll be able to say ok if Robin Hood shoots arrows and Caballero Donald bashes a pinata.  I wonder if the arrows will shoot the pinata?  Hmmm….

Start small, use all of your cards separately so you can learn what each one does. With a simple trial and error you’ll find the best combos.  Remember when you’re on easy any spell card will work.  Mix it up!

2 thoughts on “Holding Up Multiple Cards 4/5/12

  1. One of the coolest animations I’ve seen is a combo I used on Main Street with Gopher, Eeyore, and Buzz. Once the cards are leveled up you see Buzz fly towards the villian, while gopher has 3 dynamite sticks appear, and then Eeyore’s storm cloud devours the entire screen with lightning. Then the dynamite explodes pulling back the cloud and you see Buzz flying towards the screen with the explosion at his back like in an action movie. Pretty sweet.

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