Hoarders! 4/9/12


I managed to brave the crowds over the weekend, which to be honest weren’t that bad.  One thing I’ve noticed is how difficult it has become to trade with people.  With everyone on the quest for cards 1-60 you’re bound to deal with some “winners”.  Over the weekend, I did a lot of observing and took some mental notes.  It seems to me that people are hoarding cards 1-22, especially card #1.  I overheard someone in Tortuga say they met a person who has 20 Apprentice Mickeys.  Which I didn’t believe at all.  I think that person was just embellishing a story he might of see on a blog post somewhere. This blog perhaps?: )

Nevertheless its unreal how demanding people have become in the trade market.  One person I encountered over the weekend, we’ll call him “Mustard Stain” was trading in Tortuga and had an extra #1 he was telling people flat out “Don’t waste your time unless you’re willing to give up 3 rares for it.” I just couldn’t help myself, so I had to poke at this oaf to get his reasoning behind it.  I asked him if he thought his request was a little excessive.  His response was something along the lines of “No, not when I can get like $15 for it on eBay.” I simply laughed at him and offered him a napkin for his mustard stained face.  I watched a lot of people’s trade dreams go up in flames that day, some people going as far as to demand things like 1 rare and an unopened pack for a specific star card.  It’s so pathetic and comical watching some of these people in action.

The best thing I witnessed was an older gentleman probably in his 60’s refuse to trade a Princess Tiana to a child because he was asking for 2 cards in return.  I immediately jumped into that convo and just gave the kid a Tiana plus a choice of any 2 from my monster stack of duplicates I carry with me.  The family was gracious and the old man called me a fool for giving away my cards.  I laughed at him and said “don’t be upset that Sunshine Tree Terrace isn’t selling a Metamucil Swirl, it will be available soon.”

I guess what I’m getting at is, you gotta watch out for people when trading.   Some people are just going to be ignorant and demanding.  You really have to feel them out while you’re waiting in line.  You’ll be able to tell while talking with someone whether they are going to be fair.  Otherwise you’re just better off being patient, you’re going complete your deck eventually.  Don’t overpay for that one card, its not worth it.

7 thoughts on “Hoarders! 4/9/12

  1. And then we have people like my wife who trade away her only star (Eve) for Snow White because she likes Snow White better…

  2. Don’t you love those who take advantage of families on vacation? My trading rules are as follows:
    Stars for Stars
    Moons for Moons
    Planets for Planets
    I will break these rules to help someone complete a set, if I have the star card they need.
    I never trade at the Tortuga Tavern Tables.

  3. What really burns me up are these people I’ve seen that will swindle a kid out of a rare card by trading them a common card of a character the child favors. There was a guy in Tortuga (could have even been ‘Mustard Stain’) one day that made a passive play for a Merlin in such a way & when I made eye contact with him, I gave him a “Really?” look. I try to give a heads up to newbies when we wait in lines, but you’d hope that people’s moral compasses would keep them in check so it wasn’t necessary.

    • Yeah it’s pretty gross. If I’m witness to this I always step up and say something. I kind of expected it to get kinda nasty. You have to remember Disney is basically giving away free collectibles…

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog. We have only been to MK to play 4 different days, a couple of weeks ago, but I saw first hand how bad some of the traders can be. They are like sharks.

    Even the little kids were trying to “cheat” guests by getting star cards for their common cards. I heard “please trade with me, it’s the last card I need and I’m leaving WDW” at least 4 times in one night by different children.

  5. I agree with ya. We’ve even probably met. I’m one of the guys with the small card book (4 to a page) who is usually begging new players to just take my common cards so that I don’t have to carry 50 of them. I also have exactly the same trade rules as Tom, except that I do trade at Tortuga because it’s a nice place to rest when Fantasyland is closed, and with my arthritis I can only stand in the lines for so long.

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