The Duffy Complex 4/11/12

After spending some time on twitter yesterday evening I noticed there is a lot of disdain for SOTMK among the Disney fan community.  I’m really hoping this isn’t going to develop into a Duffy The Bear level of hatred.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to provide news, tips & hints to anyone out there who is seeking information about the game as well as to those currently playing in hopes they enjoy it as much as I do.  However the main reason I started blogging is to share information on what to look out for so that you don’t get discouraged or end up hating it before you even give it a chance.  I know some people dislike the game because they say it ruins the atmosphere of the park and destroys the ambiance. Yes, I agree with that to a certain extent.  Some of the portals are intrusive and yes they can be too loud.  I also think that the MSEP Tribute To America finale is a tad over the top, the Spaceship Earth changes stink, the Yeti is an atrocity, and of course Duffy is awful but there’s nothing I can do about it.  Those things are here to stay.

Every time I go play SOTMK I see a lot of the same people, and a large percentage of them are very nice harmless folks.  On the other side of the coin you’ll get the fanatics.  Yes some of them carry binders, backpacks, card boxes, etc.  Then again some of those nice people are carrying those accessories around too. You have to protect your cards some how!  I don’t think its fair to be calling people weirdos & freaks just because they enjoy collecting the cards.  I don’t make fun of your pin lanyard, vinylmation collection, your obsession with the Carousel of Progress, and countless instagram photos of the Citrus Swirl. (all things I enjoy by the way!)  Disney Parks are a place people come to nerd out and escape reality, if you’re not into it that’s fine, I can respect that. However I do believe there is cause for attention when people are going overboard, and by that I am referring to those who are taking advantage of first timers playing the game.

I can understand how people aren’t aware of the varying degrees of rarity within the spell cards.  That knowledge isn’t made available to them when they start.  I think if Disney just gave a brief explanation regarding the “value” of the cards at the time of distribution that would help a great deal.  My guess is the recent post on the Disney Parks Blog was explaining that to guests in a round about way.  Maybe they figure if the announcement comes from the mouse directly it’s official.  Even though with a simple web search that information is widely available.

The bottom line is this game is getting such a bad rap is due to the aggressive nature in which some of the regulars and sadly even CM’s display.  It’s being compared to the pin traders that used to congregate at Epcot and DTD.  Which to my knowledge neither of those locations are being used for trading due to the removal of the tables.  While I do agree that there should be a location to trade both pins and spell cards.   I do not agree with the behaviors and trading practices of some these people.  I understand every person has a different level of morality, and no one is perfect.  I am just asking that you have some humanity and show respect for those around you.  When you live here I guess it’s easy to forget that you’re at Walt Disney World.  But that’s just it, you’re at WALT DISNEY WORLD!  This is a place that people have saved up and waited their whole lives just to visit.  Is it that difficult to have some class while you’re there.

If you’re new to the game and someone asks you to trade the best advice I can give is to stay informed.  Search the net, there are plenty of blogs, forums, etc.  That have loads of info on this game as well as anything else Disney.  As I’ve said before and a commenter has recently posted it’s always wise to follow this model when trading.

  • Star for Star
  • Moon for Moon
  • Planet for Planet

Now I’d be lying if I said I didn’t expect this to happen with the spell cards.  When Disney is basically giving away free collectibles it was only a matter of time until people showed their true colors.  What bothers me is seeing people with a ton of extras that don’t plan on unloading while they’re in the park.  If that’s the case don’t walk around with them just leave them at home or in your car.  By showing off your massive collection and sporting a terrible attitude because you’re being unreasonable or unwilling to trade.  It makes you look ignorant, its that simple.  I don’t understand the point of walking around looking like a hobo with all of your “treasures”. If you just can’t help yourself and are going to bring your stash, why not try giving away some cards, you’d be surprised how just one random act of kindness you can turn someone’s day around.

Otherwise the continued behavior of those whom are out to swindle and deceive are going to brandish SOTMK with a Duffy-esque status.  Thus people will continue to bash this game to the ground, and it will become the next thing at Walt Disney World people love to hate.

4 thoughts on “The Duffy Complex 4/11/12

  1. I completely agree with you. However, I never realized how much disdain was out there for both SotMK and Duffy. I agree with the Duffy though. I have yet to cross one of these goons that flaunt there extra without trading personally, but I have seen them walking around. I try to stay true to the star for a star etc. And I love helping new gamers. This little boy had Rapunzel and she was one of the cards I had wanted since starting the game. He didn’t want her so I asked him which cards he wanted. I gave him my only Lythos and a few other doubles. He was soo happy. I want to see more of this. Oh and btw I love your blog and following you on twitter.

  2. I personally do not like the Dark Lord Duffy Bear. With that said I do enjoy the community that SOTMK has created. With that said, there are a few of us who do give away some doubles, triples, etc. I heard from a friend (which he said his sister heard in a meeting and she’s a Cast Member) allegedly that SOTMK may soon be shut down. If you could help find answers to this that would be awesome! I’m trying myself and am not sure on the reliability of my source, but better to find nothing than have a community broad sided.

    • I spoke with a CM today who has worked with the attraction since testing. He told me that the easy mode is going to be here for a while, and that there are some “changes” coming in the next few weeks. He wasn’t able to tell exactly what those changes were. So we’ll just have to be patient and keep our eyes and ears open. If I hear anything else I’ll be sure to post it.

  3. Okay, I have played SOTMK now for a total of 4 days since its opening. Here is my review about trades and etiquette. But first, Duffy? (enough said). Thank you for the blog and to the blogger, who I met when he introduced himself to me (which led me to check out this blog.

    Now, about trades, all trades are not created equal. Example 1 – a family or a player who first starts out is, of course, just happy to get free cards from Disney. I myself was star-struck removing the first wrapper to reveal first class beautiful cards. My response after opening the pack was, I want to play and I want more cards. Shortly after going through a couple of portals I was introduced to the world of trading. A gentlemen was at the portal not paying not attention to the storyline, holding a tiny binder with the crest on it(envy). He asked me if I wanted to trade cards and, of course, I was fascinated with the prospect of looking at, and possibly owning, more cards. Especially, since I had a stupid Belle card (what was it again? the #2 card….) “Of course”, was my reply. Expecting to go through his binder I was just floored when he pulled out a stack of about 50 cards from his pocket. My jaw dropped as he was telling me to pick whichever one I wanted. Skimming through his stack seeing several choices, I came across Dash and Frozone. Being the Incredibles fan that I am, I chose Frozone. He took my Belle and POOF, now I own Frozone! Now, before all you SOTMK veterans start saying I was ripped off, this is my Example 1. I just want to tell you I couldn’t have been more happy. I played that Frozone card almost the entire day with no regrets (even after I was told the whole stars, commons, uncommons and rares spiel). BTW, shame on you big stack guy (possibly CM). A one for one trade? Like you didn’t have any extras commons or uncommons to spare for my Belle. (More on this in a minute).

    Example 2 – I am going to fast forward to something I could be ashamed of in hindsight but, everyone has his price in the end. I will make this short. The park is closing after a heavy day of playing and trading. I bumped into the same traders all day looking for that special card–Belle, Mickey, Eve, Mulan. At the end of the day one of this traders approached me again, still looking for Eve. I only had one Eve card, but I offered to trade it to him anyway. Here is “the deal” I offered. He needed Eve to finish his deck and I had only 30 cards total. I said to him, you are local, I am not; you want my Eve, I want a deck like yours. I will trade you, the only very hard to find at the time Eve for two stars (any two) and whatever extra commons you can spare. His reply, “done”. We both walked away happy–him with one card and me with 2 stars and 9 cards.

    Example 3 – Notice in examples 1 and 2 I was approached. Now, I have started offering trades using all my experiences with previous trades. This, I think is going to be everyone’s favorite for several reasons especially the star-hungry SOTMK hardcore. First off, there is a burden for the locals playing as often as they do and that is the stack of common cards they are always saddled with. Let me set the seen, let’s say in a nice air conditioned place at the end of the day to bask over your spoils..hmmmm..TORTUGA! Ok, if I ever want to rest my dogs or get something to eat and evaluate how my deck is turning out I head straight for TORTUGA(say it with me…TORTUGA) During my several trades I must say my most successful ones were conducted here. I know you have seen these guys sitting at one of the tables by the portal with their cards neatly layed out in numerical order waiting for the next guy to come up and ask him to please take this lonely star card for 3 of your common or uncommon cards. Well, adjust your prices. I found the sweet spot is 10 for the price of 1 star. I know you are asking why would you trade your stars for commons? The answer, I stash the cards I have been looking for (unless I find a player that just can’t get that particular card throughout the day) and continue trading with what I have left. With this technique my card count drops to almost nothing. That would end my day short without reaching the ultimate goal of completing a deck minus 61-70 (Damn you Mickey Mouse) 🙂
    10 commons or uncommons for 1 star. This mainly applies to what I like to call the “overflow’rs”. This trade at first is hard for the veterans to swallow. But, when I lay down SIX STAR CARDS on the table and their eyes widen, they pause after looking at their miserable stack they want to get rid of and bam, DEAL! He’s happy, I’m happy. And I get to continue my goal of completing my deck. But wait, you just traded 6 stars, isn’t that counter productive?

    Example 4 – remember example 1, I trade my Belle for Frozone? Now, I am the the guy with the binder (still not the cool one) and a stack of 60 in my pocket. But, I do it a little differently. And what I want to tell you now is why I play the game. You see alot of people who read this blog are either first learning about SOTMK or locals that are fans and will continue to play as much as possible. I see that family or player that used to be me. They open their first pack they grab the map and start playing. As they approach the portal they see this guy half paying attention to the screen with a binder in his hand and he(I) turn and ask them is it your first time playing the game. They reply, “yes”. I ask the parents, did you get any duplicates or cards the you would like to get rid of in trade. Most of the time I hear they don’t have any duplicates. But, I get quite a few that want to trade. I pull out my newly aquired stack of 60 and I ask them to say stop when they see something they like. I never imply any card I am interested in but, nor do I give them information about the breakdown of the card rarity. If they offer me a star card they want to trade, I let them know that it is a really good card that I have been looking for and I am willing to give you additional cards for that one. How many do I offer them? Well, I start from the front and work my way to the back, if they exceed 4 I stop. If they only pick 1 I give them 3 more asking them to pick again. Not only the kids are happy, but the parents are excited and get more involved, now that one trade has almost doubled their card count. FYI, please make sure that they everyone in the family got their packs; sometimes the parents think the children are the only ones playing so the parents never get their packs. Do I get a star card every time? No. But, wow, if only I was offered Frozone, Dash, Bolt, and Mike (notice: I didn’t say Voilet). I would be even more happy than just getting Frozone.

    In summary, as shown by these examples, all trade rules are not set in stone. Remember, SOTMK is about having fun and trading is a part of it. Oh yeah, etiquette, I almost forgot. Have I been saint? No. Am I understanding the reason behind etiquette when playing? Yes. Do I agree on all etiquette points on this blog? No. But, I agree that everyone playing SOTMK should read this blog in order to understand the common guidelines that we all can follow to make our stay in the park a unified effort for fun. I have now developed a greater understanding that will shape my game play. Great blog. Thanks.

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