The Circle Is Your Friend 4/12/12

There have been some issues with a few portals over the past couple days, specifically the clock tower in Adventureland and the shooting gallery in Frontierland.  As frustrating as it is, it’s even more frustrating when you are stuck in a long line behind people who don’t follow directions.  The “Circle of Power” is ignored all the time, when you fail to stand in the right spot when casting spells the camera won’t read your cards.  As a result of this you either have to remain at that portal or you have to move on to another to repeat the segment.   The circle is there for a reason.  There’s no need to stand so close to the cameras.  Placing a spell card directly on the camera DOES NOT WORK.  Just stand on the circle, and hold up the card when it prompts you to do so.  Erratically waving the cards from side to side won’t help your cause either.  I figured since everyone wanted this move faster they would do things the right way.  I can’t help but laugh when family xyz isn’t following directions and insists they stand directly in front of the portal waving their 6 spell cards like crazy then become furious when nothing works.

On the other hand there are times when the cameras just don’t read the cards.  I don’t know why but It happens. If you notice any problems notify a CM so they can do a reboot on that specific portal or take it out of the rotation so you don’t get sent there again.  To Disney’s credit I’ve noticed that they are starting to send CM’s around to different portals to make sure they are functioning properly.  Glad to see them keeping on eye on this.  If you’re new to the game make sure you ask the CM as many questions as possible when they’re getting you started.  The more you know the better your experience will be.

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