Changes Are Coming 4/13/12

With an early start to my morning I headed over to MK and I’m glad I did.   As I reported earlier in the week a CM told me there are going to be some changes happening, and in fact there were some changes made today. The first of which is they are now enforcing the rules for spell card distribution.  I almost always notice one person going in and showing x amount of park tickets and getting that amount of spell card packs in return.  Well that is no more, if you want spell cards you have to be present to get them.  That has always been the rule however now they are enforcing it.  I realize people were abusing the system and it was only a matter of time until they started to crack down on it.  In addition to that, I overheard someone being told that they must be playing the game in order to keep getting cards, as they don’t want you to just come in get spell cards and leave.  My question is, how are they going to keep track of that?  I know of people that are just getting cards and not playing simply because they don’t want to play it on easy.  Personally I don’t blame them, but I guess those in charge see that as abusing the system.

Another change I noticed today is that you now must battle Iago in the Jafar adventure.  Instead of going straight to the cave of wonder scene you now face Iago first, here are 2 videos I took today.  The first video is the long version where I let Iago win just to see what happens.  The second is where he is defeated! Excuse my poor camera work and enjoy!

Now I understand Iago and a few other sidekicks were taken in and out during testing, here’s hoping they stay and more additions are on the way!  Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll be back on Monday!

1 thought on “Changes Are Coming 4/13/12

  1. That is awesome with Iago! When I played the Scar story on Hard (before lockdown), I got the chance to face one of the Hyenas and there was an extra 101 Dalmations scene on Main Street.

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