Round & Round We Go 4/16/12

Well its safe to say that this game has become an absolute monster.  It appears that just about everyone is playing SOTMK.  With that in mind the race is on to complete sets and over the weekend people were trading like crazy.  Personally I’m always up to trade because I typically have lots to give away and when it comes to trading stars I’m not picky at all, if I can help you finish your deck I will.  However I am in search for a few more of the older cards with the rounded corners.  Most of my cards 1-60 are the older rounded corners, and since I’m so OCD I’d like all of my cards to look the same.

These are harder to come by for a couple of reasons, one being they are older versions of the cards making them no longer available.  They were only available to people during the soft opening and the first couple weeks of the official opening.  Secondly people aren’t as willing to trade them because once again due to the ridiculous amount of misinformation out there people seem to think they are worth a fortune.  The misconception is that these particular versions are the “beta” cards.  After speaking with numerous CM’s these rounded corner cards aren’t necessarily the “beta” cards. As far as I’ve been told “beta” cards are either error cards (those with wrong numbers) or cards that have perfectly square corners, which were given out during testing only.

Here is an example of an “error” card notice it shows card #02/70.  I got this photo from an eBay listing where the seller is asking for a ridiculous amount in return.

It’s funny to me how the resale market of these cards is panning out.  I check eBay just about everyday and I just can’t understand who or how the value is being set for these.  Is there someone out there appraising these things? OK cards 61-70 I  guess I understand, they apparently aren’t in circulation so can see the value there.  However I don’t see any real value for cards 1-60.  Nor do I see any monetary value for any of the rounded corner cards.  Aren’t these are just pieces of paper? Then again Disney collectors are a different type of people.

If anyone out there reading has some rounded corner cards that they would be willing to trade or swap with me, I’m in need of the following: 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, & 23. 

Thanks to some awesome people I now have 1-60 with rounded corners!

Once again I’d like thank to the WDW Fanboys Podcast for the shout out on their live show last Friday.  It’s a very entertaining show and highly suggest you all give it a listen!

Til’ next time Sorcerers!

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