Trolls 4/19/12

As I said in yesterday’s post people are desperate to collect all of the spell cards, and with the Tortuga Tavern portal down for the past couple days the unofficial trading location is seems to be defunct.  So what’s happening in its place?  People are simply trolling the lines at portals.  Peering over shoulders, interrupting conversations just dying to trade.  It’s incredibly annoying and intrusive especially when it’s your turn to play.  As much as I hate to say it, in my opinion when I see people lurk around portals I believe all the stereotypes being used to describe those who play the game ring true.  Just get line a play a few portals like a normal person and trade while your waiting.  There is no need to go parading around from portal to portal hounding people to trade, you simply look like a crazy person.

Another hot topic right now is the resale market of the spell cards, which I simply can’t wrap my head around.  Cards 61-70 seem to be popping up on eBay daily, with asking prices from $10 to as high as $350 for ONE CARD.  Also you have people claiming to have “beta” cards that are being advertised as those with rounded corners.  Which as far as I know are not the “beta” cards.  See the picture below of card #70 which is a beta.  I saw this first hand Sunday, so I snapped a photo to share.

I uploaded it this way so you can notice the squared corners. This is a beta card.

So to those out there who are willing to spend the money to buy these cards on eBay, buyer beware.  There is no Beckett magazine for these cards to determine a value and in my opinion they haven’t been out long enough to be worth all that much.  However Disney collectors are always willing to pay, no matter what the item is.  In the end there are always those who are don’t get care what the cost, they’ll find a way to get what they want.

1 thought on “Trolls 4/19/12

  1. The square corners mean that it’s an Alpha card, not Beta. Lucky you, those are even harder to find!

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