Get 61-70 Now! 4/20/12

Many high quality images such as this one are available on the net.

Being able to collect 1-60 isn’t the hard part for those playing SOTMK.  Its acquiring the last ten that has proved most difficult.  Those who own any of the highly coveted lightning bolt cards either have them stored away or are selling them for high dollars on eBay.   If you’re like me you want them, but you’re not dumb enough to pay the ridiculous cost.  Well here’s how you can get them without spending much money at all.

If you search the web you’ll find many places to download high quality photos of cards 61-70.  Pick up some card stock and if you own or have access to decent printer.  All you have to do is resize the images to 2.5 x 3.5″ inches, print, cut them out and enjoy. YES THEY WILL WORK! I have used printouts and images from a smartphone, all the camera needs to see is the image on the spell card and you’re golden.  Now some say it’s cheating but hey I haven’t seen 61-70 in circulation.  Have you?  Frankly I’d like get them all powered up if they ever do come back out : )

Enjoy your weekend Sorcerers!

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