Line Jumping 4/24/12

Now I’m not perfect by any means, but it blows my mind how inconsiderate people are when visiting Walt Disney World.  My wife and I have been coming to the parks for a very long time so I guess we’re spoiled in that we are pros when comes to touring the world.  I do realize there are those who are the exact opposite, unfortunately they are the majority.  I’m amazed at how many people fail to do any research when planning a trip to WDW.  There are plenty of do’s and don’ts when visiting WDW those also apply to sotmk.

I wanted to touch on this topic since I believe it is becoming a problem.  Please understand there are certain times of the day when lines at portals can get long, sotmk like any other attraction gets busy.  There are lines for everything at WDW and you have to wait in them it’s that simple.  One thing I’ve noticed is that you’ll see groups of about 6 or more where only a few people are playing, and those that are not playing will go hold spots in other lines.  They will send each person of their party that is not playing to a different portal and hold a spot in line for those who are.  So here you are going about your business waiting to play, when all the sudden 1, 2, 3 people come over who were assigned to that portal yet weren’t waiting in that line.  That’s rude.  Compare it to someone who is line jumping at Space Mountain.  Have some class and wait your turn.  Why is that so hard?  Your selfish behavior is making the wait longer for everyone else.  With the hot summer months just around the corner I can see this becoming a major issue.

Remember we’re all trying to save the Magic Kingdom, be considerate to your fellow sorcerers!

3 thoughts on “Line Jumping 4/24/12

  1. I think people are under the impression that since there is no ‘line’ in a conventional sense, nor CMs guarding each portal, there is no real line. That’s really a shame when you think that the ones doing this line jumping would be the locals who know better.
    Hopefully, we can get something done about this.

    • I’d really like to see some stanchions and ropes at some of the portals. It works well at the Clock Tower portal. Which is simply by accident because its for ECV parking, but it works!

      • I would hate stanchions. Each portal is supposed to be hidden, and putting up stanchions would ruin that. They would be intrusive when there’s no line.

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