The Cast Member Card 4/25/12

Wow $899.99....

Ooooh $699.99 what a generous price break!

Before I went to bed last night I decided to check eBay for the latest SOTMK listings.  When searching I always refine the search results so it pulls up the highest price listing first and as you can see WOW!!!  The Cast Exclusive card is highly sought after, but why? First of all it’s a 5 x 7 postcard.   It’s not even the size of a regular spell card, on top of that I heard it doesn’t even work anymore.  I still have yet to see someone use it.  The seller originally listed the item with a hefty price tag of $899.99 with a Buy It Now, or Best Offer option.  According to the listing I don’t think they are going to be taking anything under $500 with its current listing price at a modest $699.99.  Here is the listing info copied directly from eBay:

“This is the ULTRA RARE CAST MEMBER EXCLUSIVE CARD! This card was ONLY given to cast members and is larger than the regular cards. The back of the card has the opening date on it! We put a regular card next to the cast member one to demonstrate the size (smaller card not included). The picture is of the exact card you will receive! This card is VERY RARE and possibly one of the RAREST THERE EVER WILL BE because they will never reproduce this card because it has the opening date on it!


We have played this game at Disney World and it is amazing! This game is very quickly becoming very popular and soon prices on these cards will skyrocket!

We have many other cards that we are selling as well so please check out our other auctions!


Wow that’s quite the sales pitch, and how nice of them to include free shipping.  It’s official the resale market is out of control.

AS OF 4/25/12 AT 13:53:54 PDT THE CARD SOLD FOR $699.99!


5 thoughts on “The Cast Member Card 4/25/12

  1. “and soon prices on these cards will skyrocket!” Lol, you mean they haven’t already?!
    This is really ridiculous. If they expect someone to pay that much for a card, that;s crazy. You can literally buy a Peoplemover car door from Mouse Surplus for less than that.

  2. Hello, I am trying to find one of these cards to complete my set. I would be greatly appreciative to anyone who is either has one and is willing to sell it to me, or can suggest one currently being sold.

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