Relax… 4/26/12

I can’t begin to tell you the sympathy I have for the cast members working Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  Between portals going down left and right, and it being still locked down in easy mode.  There is simply no answer they can give that is going to make the regulars happy.  I’ve accepted the fact that easy mode is here to stay and most likely for the long haul.  Although you’ll get different answers about when the medium/hard levels are coming back from CM’s don’t get your hopes up.  These poor CM’s aren’t given any info and in the end they just want to please the guest and they’ll say anything to make you happy.  I personally find it hilarious at how bent out of shape people are getting about it.  At first I was upset but now I could care less.  I just think it’s awful how some people are treating the cast members running the attraction.  Don’t badger them about, chances are you’ll know before they do.  Trust me they want the lock down to end as bad as you do, simply so they stop having to answer questions about it.  Relax people it’s just a game…

In other news the first sign of merchandise appeared today in a tweet from Deb Willis founder of

Tweet courtesy of @AllEarsDeb

In my opinion, that’s pretty sad for a whopping $46.95.   I really hope they’re going to do better with future merchandise.  Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “Relax… 4/26/12

  1. That is sad. As you said in your 4/27 blog: “Personally I’d rather see Disney take their time with any merchandise, booster packs or other upgrades rather than rush it out just to please the masses.” I paid $6 for my 4-per-page binder, so that’s $6 that Disney missed out on. I’m sure they wanted to get SOMETHING out there, even if it’s inappropriate or too expensive. I take comfort from the fact that there’s no logo on it. 🙂

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