Rumor Has It 4/30/12

The Magic Kingdom was chock full of SOTMK rumors today.  I spoke with a couple different cast members today, some of which work directly with the attraction and others that do not.  Remember, these are just rumors and nothing is concrete like all things Disney they are subject to change.

The hottest topic and most sought after piece of info is when more cards going to be available, specifically 61-70.  There are more rumors about this than you can shake a stick at.  However there was one person who I talked with today and they were very adamant that sometime in early June booster packs that will include 61-70 will be available with a  price tag ranging from $6-$8.  Here’s my opinion, I think that price is right.  It’s common knowledge among those tied directly to SOTMK that Disney is not pleased with the resale of cards 61-70 so it is in there best interest to make them as affordable as possible thus flushing out that market.

Cards like this one are commanding $100+


Next up is the easy mode lock down, in addition to certain kinks being worked out on the medium/hard levels.  The game has been locked on easy for all players in an effort to reduce wait times at portals.  The FB group “If You Played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” has reported that the lock down on easy will remain until Fall 2012.  As far as I know this is very possible, as it’s looking like end of August will be the target date that you’ll see medium/hard levels return.  However I was told that then when they do return it might not be for long, it is possible that easy mode lock downs will occur every so often in an effort to move guests through the game at a reasonable speed.

In talking with some other folks today there is a rumor floating around out there that Disney is considering charging for spell packs with cards 1-60.  At least for now that is totally false.  I was told verbatim “At this time we have absolutely no intention to charge guests for these spell packs.”  Referring to those available at the Firehouse or behind the Christmas Shop.   Of course they had to say, “At this time” because like everything Disney, it could change at any time.  IMO I don’t believe they will ever charge for those spell packs, simply because they want to give you something.  That way you’ll get hooked, and once the “booster packs” and all the other merchandise comes online you’ll be ready to whip out that wallet and go to town.

The last thing I’d like to share with you is that the sidekick battles are still live, but only during certain times of the day.  I have noticed that in the first 30 minutes of park open, and last 30 minutes until park close, you’ll be able to access those battles.  However it does vary,  for example the person in front of you might get to battle Glut the Shark and you do not.  Instead maybe you’ll go on to Adventureland and face Iago, Banzai, or Kronk as an Alpaca.  What I am saying is this, those sidekick battles are not gone completely.  Play early or late enough and you will have access to them.

As usual I will keep my eyes and ears open and share everything I can.  If you haven’t already be sure to follow us on twitter and join our Facebook Fan Page.   Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Rumor Has It 4/30/12

  1. When those new booster packs come out in June, will they include the new spell cards numbered 71-200, in addition to 61-70?

    As for the sidekick battles getting skipped over, I hope that they’ll make them accessible all day again in the future, especially when the summer season ends (the best way to make the skipped-over scenes accessible more often would be to add an extra portal or two in all the existing lands). Have they said anything regarding those sidekick battles and trying to make them available to players all day instead of just in the first and last half-hours of the day?

    • All I was able to get is that cards 61-70 will become available via purchase. There hasn’t been much talk of cards 71-140 or 71-200.

      As far as the sidekick battles, it’s going to stay the way it is for now. We’re lucky to still have them available at all as far as I’m concerned : )

      • True, but they need to make them available full-time. The missions feel incomplete without them and taking some of them out leaves them with plot-holes in some cases (ie: freeing Flora & Fauna, the whole Lawerence ordeal, etc.).

        All the more reason to add more portals.

    • Let’s hope that an extra portal or two get installed on Main Street, Adventureland, Frontierland and the current Fantasyland ASAP, so they can give us the complete missions all the time.

      I know WDI knows this and that they’re at least considering or planning to add additional portals to those areas.

  2. When I arrived at MK yesterday (April 29th) around 6pm, and resumed my game at Tortuga, I had the Alpaca sidekick battle scene. When I had Yzma again later that night, there was no sidekick battle. It was pretty neat having the extra scene to mix it up a little.

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