Multiple Keys 5/3/12

The one thing I find most consistent with SOTMK is the lack of common courtesy people display towards one another.  Specifically those who are playing multiple keys.  As much as it stinks waiting behind the family that is playing two or more keys I completely understand it.  If the kids want to play on their own that’s fine I can live with that, this game was designed for them in the first place.  However I think it’s pretty obnoxious when adults are playing multiple keys and have no respect for others waiting behind them.

OK, if you want to play multiple keys that’s fine.  I have nothing against that.  What I am referring to is when both of your keys require you to be at the same portal and you simply play one battle after another.  It’s pretty rude when there is a line of 5 or more people and you finish your 1st battle, and then have the audacity to swipe your other key.   Call me crazy but I think that’s just ignorant.  On the other hand if there’s no one waiting behind you, go for it.  However If you do see a lot of people waiting show some respect to your fellow sorcerers by going to the back of the line to wait your turn again.  Chances are if you’re doing stuff like this you live here, remember just because you’re a local AP doesn’t mean you own the place.

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1 thought on “Multiple Keys 5/3/12

  1. I totally agree!!! Though I am not local, Ive been managing to get to the “world” once a month (mainly due to sotmk!!!) . I was playing both mine and my mothers cards. Very few times were we ever at the same portal, but when they were, I played one key then went to the back of the line!!! If there was no line (usually at fantasy lands swirl) I would do the second key. It’s just common courtesy people!!! It’s like your parents taught you…treat others how you want to be treated!!!
    Then there were some very nice people about a month ago at the spider in adventureand who let me cut in front of them because I had dinner reservations in 15 mins at narcoosee’s and the electric light had started! What a night that was…my son and I made it thru the tunnel by the dragon fly and literally had to run through fantasy land, through tomorrowland, thankfully we got to go backstage and bypass mainstreet!!! We made thru mk in 10 mins!!! Getting all the way to the gf was a different story!!!

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