What Do You Think? 5/4/12

There has been some debate whether SOTMK is over advertised in the park.  I’m going to visit MK over the weekend and I plan to get other people’s thoughts on this subject for a new post on Monday.  In the mean time if you could please participate in this poll I would greatly appreciate it.

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Think? 5/4/12

  1. Around the distribution centres is one thing. For that, the signs act as it’s marquee.
    But posters and signs up all over Main Street is too much. Why does SotMK need all of these signs? No other attraction has signs up all over the land pointing at it. SotMK is on the map, so it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to find it.
    The signs don’t even work. I’m sure you’ve ran into families that have no idea what the game is and ask you where to start.
    They are clutter. They are not necessary. They are uncalled for.

  2. I will say I haven’t even noticed these signs. I remember seeing the signs at the Fire House but that’s about it. I voted that there weren’t too many simply because I feel if there were too many I would have at least noticed them

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