Enough Already 5/8/12

Thanks to eBay even those who don’t play SOTMK know that cards 61-70 are highly coveted.  According to just about any cast member you’ll ask they are no longer in circulation.  On the other hand some of them will tell you that they are still available but the odds of getting one are astronomical.  With all of the rumors you’ll hear on twitter, theme park websites, talking with people, etc, it’s impossible to get a solid answer.  Personally I’ll never understand why 61-70 were pulled in the first place.  My guess is Disney realized that the cards would become collectibles and it’s possible they wanted to make the last 10 “chasers”.  That’s all well and good, but it appears everyone is chasing them on eBay which I’m sure Disney didn’t intend on.

Recently I’ve heard of people saying how they’ve gotten a Jasmine, Mushu or Mr. Incredible from their spell packs but how come we never see any photos?  I’ll tell you right now if I go to MK tomorrow open my spell cards and see one of the elusive lightning bolts I’ll take that bad boy to Glamour Shots.  I’d be tweeting pics left and right, I’d run through Adventureland shouting “CITRUS SWIRLS FOR ALL!”  I just don’t believe they’re in circulation anymore, and frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing the stories from people while playing.  With that said I challenge anyone out there to prove me wrong, tweet me @sotmkblog with a photo of a card 61-70 that is cut like those currently being distributed. If you can do this I’ll gladly shut up.  Otherwise I’m sorry folks you’re full of it.

Older card with round corners

Current card, corners are sharper










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4 thoughts on “Enough Already 5/8/12

  1. I have never received a lightning bolt in a pack, but I did get two stars in one. I have the photo on my phone and had two friends there as well. Doris and Lythos, it was very sweet!

  2. I think I am going to pull out my phone and video opening each pack just in case there is a lightning bolt to show proof.

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