No One Cares 5/9/12

Recently someone found the blog via Google search by entering “sorcerers of the magic kingdom weirdos.”  First of all, I thought that was absolutely hilarious.  This game has brought out some of the most interesting fans Disney has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong everyone has their quirks and that’s what makes us all individuals.  However there is something I witnessed today that I’d like to address.  I hate to single out this person but I was not the only one who saw how silly they were acting.  If you are one of the lucky people who have any of the ultra rare 61-70, I’m happy for you that’s awesome.  However if you’re going to play those cards it doesn’t make you special, get over yourself.  You have to realize that anyone can use a printout or even their smart phone to cast those spells.  So when you are a portal and you cast Mama Odie’s Magic Charm don’t immediately turn around to the person behind you with a smug look on your face that reads “See what I did there?” “Aren’t you impressed?”

I ran into this guy about 5 times today and every time he used a lightning bolt card he would turn around and expect me to say something.  I went the whole day and did not acknowledge him once, I could tell it was bothering him which made it even more hilarious to me.  There were even a couple of occasions where he waited around the portal expecting me to ask him about the cards.  However I just ignored him and went about my business.  Personally I don’t care how you got them, and I can guarantee most people feel the same way.  Please stop acting like you’re a great and powerful wizard, this is a game it is not real life.  Your weirdness reflects poorly on your fellow sorcerers, so I’m asking you to please stop.  : )

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4 thoughts on “No One Cares 5/9/12

  1. That poor unfortunate soul. Way to take the high road, I definitely would have made it a point to embarrass him .

  2. CouLd not agree with you more! I think everyone should enjoy the experience in their own way. I personally like the interaction with other guests while casting spells & trading cards – especially when I can help a young guest complete their card set!

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