Tech Support 5/10/12

Well against my better judgement I asked about when the medium/hard levels would be coming back and as expected I got the same response.  Which is probably not until the end of summer, however they really put an emphasis on the fact that they are making changes to those harder levels.  When I first was told that a while back I thought they were just blowing smoke.  But today I noticed a manager with a tech CM this morning around Frontierland using an iPad and stopwatch keeping time of people at the portals.  Although I wasn’t able to get much info from them they did tell me the medium/hard levels will indeed come back at some point.  However they most likely won’t come back online until they can develop a way to make those levels move at a similar pace to the one guests are currently experiencing.  So yes it all boils down to wait times, seeing as it was probably one of the biggest complaints about SOTMK.  As much as I would like to experience the higher difficulty levels again, I definitely don’t enjoy waiting when the portals are busy.  If they can make it move faster at those levels, that would be wonderful.  If not, I suppose I’ll be starting the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure Blog.

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