Is It Just Me? 5/14/12

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found that the portals in Frontierland have become very problematic.  It appears every time I bring an issue to someones attention no one has an answer as to why it happens, which seems to be a common theme surrounding SOTMK.  The most common issue I’ve experienced is that I’ll finish a battle and instead of the graphic telling me which portal to go to next, the portal will simply close.  Now I understand it’s not that big of an issue because you can just swipe your key again and it will tell you where to go.  However that hasn’t been the case a few times.  There have been instances where the portal closes and I go to swipe my key again and for some reason it repeats the same battle.  This however has only occurred during the final adventure against Hades.   As it may not seem like a big deal to some, think about the people waiting in line behind you.  Every time a portal closes without telling you where to go, it’s just more time you’re eating up at that location.  If it happens to reset your battle it makes the wait even longer.  I’ve also noticed that when the system is having issues at the Firehouse or Liberty Square distribution areas it affects the portals as well.  So if you’re hearing that people were unable to get their spell cards at a certain time of the day you can expect to encounter some sort of issue while playing.

I also had an experience in which the Adventureland portals were down, as a result of this I decided to cut my day short.  To my surprise the next day I found myself starting the finale.  After completing the finale I went to get reset behind the Christmas shop only to be told I still had to battle Scar, Yzma, & Jafar.  I was told that while the Adventureland portals were inactive once you had completed the 5 villains you were sent to the finale.  However since they were active that day it did not show that I had completed them and was told if I wanted another pack of spell cards I needed to finish those battles.   It didn’t really bother me however I can see how this would upset another guest.

I wonder what is causing all these issues?  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  I can’t be the only one, let me know what kind of problems you’ve experienced.

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1 thought on “Is It Just Me? 5/14/12

  1. Yup, saw this my last trip a few weeks ago now. Wouldn’t tell the woman in front of me where to go next (This was after she defeated Hades). She told me it had been happening all day, and replaced her card multiple times, with no luck. None of the portals in Frontierland/Liberty Square would tell her. Not sure if she checked other lands’ portals though…That might have helped.

    But to your point, it does clog the line. I had to sit through her video 3 or 4 times before she realized I was becoming impatient. Luckily, I was the only other person at that portal. It was annoying though.

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