Pumbaa’s Odorous Gas Presents: The Stinkiest Portal Award 5/15/12


Having played SOTMK so many times I’ve grown to dislike three specific portals.  Those being Agrabah Bazzar, Emporium, & Tortuga Tavern.  They each have their own specific qualities which makes them all deserving of this prestigious award.  However the choice is yours my fellow Sorcerers which of these stinkers deserves this putrid honor!

If you could please take the poll below and next Monday I’ll reveal the winner!

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9 thoughts on “Pumbaa’s Odorous Gas Presents: The Stinkiest Portal Award 5/15/12

  1. I only play in the morning around rope drop, but the Tortuga Tavern is one of my favorites. It has AC, it’s out of the sun, and has a nice clean restroom. Plus, I like the way the portal is in the fireplace.
    Why the hate for this one?

    • If it wasn’t for the lunch crowd, Tortuga is the best portal. Those poor hungry Disney fans stuck in the middle of long lines at the portal while we watch you eat your food. And lets hope us SOTMK doesn’t have gas. lol

  2. If I was going to go with one if these three, I’d go with the bazaar because it feels boxed in. However, my choice would actually be Sunshine Tree because of the way the line for citrus swirls cuts off access to the portal. It’s just difficult to get in and out.

  3. Out of these three, definitely Emporium cause if you are playing Main Street and Move It Shake It or any other parade comes out you are blocked from the other four portals. Granted same could be said for Frontier Land portals for the main parades and bands.

  4. i’d go with the bazaar, its the only one that people will walk past, stop and just watch the animation while your trying to cast your spells!!

  5. I agree that it’s the Bazaar though I like the design of it a lot, it’s the placement that is annoying because people walk right in front or you end up holding them up as they check to see what you are doing.

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