My Favorite Combos 5/17/12

A lot of people ask what the best combos are however with the game being locked on easy it appears any card will defeat the villain.  It basically comes down to which animations look the coolest.  Personally I only go with 2 or 3 cards at a time simply because it’s difficult for the cameras to pick up more than that.  So next time you’re out fighting evil, give these combos a try!

  • Eeyore + Colonel Hathi
  • Frozone + Lumiere
  • Mr. Toad + Nibs
  • Lightning McQueen + Doris
  • Maurice + Gopher + Merlin
  • Buzz + Wall E + Eve

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Combos 5/17/12

    • I tried that one yesterday. The animation didn’t appear to be any different than the individual fireworks / fireball. Maybe it was a little larger?

  1. frozone and buzz
    aurora and phillip
    aurora, phillip and merlin
    trident and monstro
    donald and robin hood
    robin hood and lumiere
    monstro and tiana (level 4 spell)

  2. Couldn’t get Lumiere and Frozon or Mr Toad and Nibs to work but the rest were a blast! I’ll keep trying the others!

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