Pleasant Surprise 5/22/12

I arrived at MK much later than I wanted to and ended up staying longer as well however it was worth it.  When I arrived I was starting on Main Street and to my surprise I saw Imagineer Jonathan Ackley.  I immediately approached him and introduced myself and he couldn’t have been nicer.  There were so many questions I wanted to ask him however I restrained myself so he could carry on with his day.  I did however mention to him that it would be nice to see the medium/hard levels return and he replied “Maybe someday your dreams will come true.”  I chuckled and left it at that, so I guess we’ll see what happens!  I will say it was pretty neat to see one of the minds behind SOTMK out and about checking on things.

As cool as that was my day got even better.  After crowning Tortuga Tavern as the worst portal yesterday I have to say maybe it’s not that bad.  I happened to be playing in Adventureland around 5pm and was assigned to that portal.  When I arrived I took notice of a trader getting set up for the evening.  She had a monster stack of cards as well as a couple of vinylmations.  After I took my turn I asked her if there were any cards that she needed, and it ended up she was only looking for betas which unfortunately I did not have on me.  We got to talking, and I have to say she is probably one the nicest and coolest people I have ever met while playing this game.  She is one of those nice folks that will sit around in Tortuga not just to trade, but will give away card after card to random people.  Which I have to say is one of the best parts about this game.  There’s nothing better than giving away cards to new players.  Yeah you’ll run into some jerks but there are some very kind people and sadly those are the ones that get lost in the shuffle.  We also got to talking about vinylmation, which I am a total newbie at, and she had some great insight and gave me some good advice for which I was very thankful.  I was telling her how I am into collecting the Park Series Vinyls and was needing 1 particular one from the Park 8 series and every time I purchased a new Park 8 I would end up getting that same one over and over and it had become frustrating.  She asked which one I was looking for, then proceeded to reach into her bag and gave it to me.  I had nothing to trade, nothing to give her, and she expected nothing in return.  I couldn’t believe it, she totally made my day.  So thanks again Christin, it was great to meet you and I’ll be sure to get you that #5 Beta the next time I see ya!

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12 thoughts on “Pleasant Surprise 5/22/12

  1. We were in the park on Sunday and needed 4 last cards to complete our set. We met the same lady you were talking about in Tortuga tavern, with the big stack of cards on the table. She was really nice and gladly traded with us the last cards we needed. It was a really positive experience and a nice reminder of what we all love about Disney.

  2. I think we may have met today. My 13 year-old (tall, looks 16-17) decided to try to start trading her cards. I was the lady who told you we approached the man you pointed out to us as one of the imagineers and asked to trade. We didn’t even know what a star card is…..there was a girl we asked to trade who sneered at us for not knowing and walked away. Thankfully there was a woman at the next stop who explained stuff to us with pleasure. Thanks for the trades! We have a lot to learn about this and are looking forward to more! Maybe we’ll see you again. Is the index card file working out for you well? Daughter is a pin trader–dislikes vinyl nation. We’ll be back after Memorial weekend before we are blocked–we are weekday Fl pass holders since we homeschool. See ya.

      • No worries Nick. Not much I can do about that whole thing, I’m sorry that happened. It’s not the end of the world you’re a local you can trade at the park whenever you like. Take it easy.

  3. It is so great to hear about the best of being “Disney” showing up between players. I like to know that the good guys always win.

    I owe you a star card for the one you gave me several weeks ago. I will not forget if I see you around. 🙂

    Btw, Jonathan Ackley is quite a character isn’t he? He doesn’t just design the magic, he lives it too. Maybe, even breathes it. You were so lucky to get the opportunity to speak with him.

    • I agree with you Cheryl it makes the experience that much better. Jonathan is a nice guy, in fact I ran into him again today. As far the card goes don’t worry about it! My gift to you!

  4. I finally got home from the park. Remembering this story, I actually met Christin and her whole family. They were so nice, her parents were funny and my 2 year old son loved them for giving him some cookies that, next time I had to go to Tortuga that he started yell out “grandma, grandma”. They were a delight to trade with.

    • Not my parents, just some awesome friends I was helping complete their beta deck 🙂 COOOOOOKIE!!!!

      • O sorry, but awesome. I have the cast member uncut card sheet magazine for trade if interested.

  5. My sons and I just met Christin this weekend as well. My boys just started the game on Saturday and on Sunday we met Christin and two of her friends in tortuga tavern. My boys each had 10 cards from the 2 days of playing. Christin asked them their ages (10 and 12) and she was so kind to give them the number of cards to match their ages, so my youngest got 10 and my oldest got 12 cards. She couldn’t have been any nicer!!

    • It is so nice to meet people just starting out and I have such a good time helping guests get the cards they want 🙂

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