Lightning Strike! 5/23/12

It’s human nature to want something you can’t have.  I for one am chomping at the bit for cards 61-70 to be released back into the wild.  As I stated in an earlier post if you can find quality images to print you’ll have those cards.  I mean it’s not the real thing but it’ll do for now.  A wonderful reader by the name of Martin passed along a sweet jpg of cards 61-70 all sized up and ready to go.  So no more searching it’s all right here!  If you have access to a quality printer, fire it up and you too can be just like the crazy guy I was referring to in this recent post.

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One thought on “Lightning Strike! 5/23/12

  1. I hope everyone starts doing this. My sister made me up the ones I was missing after testing was over, and I still haven’t leveled them all up yet. I don’t like to use them because it draws too much attention. If everyone had them it would be awesome!

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