Lost? 5/24/12

We often forget that each Sorcerer has a different amount of experience.  Some novice some advanced.  With that in mind many Sorcerers have been known to get lost while trying to save the Magic Kingdom.  Its even happened to me.  If you’re new and stubborn like I was this will certainly come in handy!  When I was starting out I didn’t like to keep folding and unfolding the map, I found it to be a nuisance.  So thanks once again to reader Martin, here is a jpg of all four lands with magical portals.  It even fits perfectly in spellbooks!  Now your quest to save the Magic Kingdom is just that more efficient!

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1 thought on “Lost? 5/24/12

  1. This is awesome!! I can’t wait to print this and put it in my book for the next time I head down to the Kingdom!! Thanks so much for this blog I love reading all the new stuff especially since I can’t be there all the time!

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