Buyers Market 5/29/12

I don’t know about you folks, but I am constantly checking eBay to see how much SOTMK cards are selling for.  Lately it’s been just as I predicted, the prices are dropping and at a rapid pace.  When SOTMK first made its debut, sets of 1-60 were going for $200-$400, and now you can purchase them for around $70-$100.  Why such a decline?  Well eBay is saturated with them.  With so many locals able to accrue massive amounts of cards in such little time and everyone trying to make a buck it appears demand is low and prices are falling.  Now to my surprise the values of 61-70 have dropped as well.  I had been watching several auctions over the past week and the final sale prices ranged from $50 on the low-end and $75 on the high-end.  However you’re still getting auctions with asking prices of $150+ for the elusive 61-70 but it doesn’t appear those are attracting any buyers.  Even the Cast Member Card has decreased in value, it was just weeks ago that one sold for a ridiculous $699.99.  However this evening an auction for a set of 1-60 + Cast Member Card sold for a modest $275.80.  I understand this is still an absurd amount, but it’s nice to see those values dropping.  As much as I’d like to have the last ten cards I’m still not willing to pay that kind of money.  I have a feeling we’ll be seeing those elusive lightning bolts in the very near future, thus ending these ridiculous bidding wars.

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