Is It Just Me? 5/14/12

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve found that the portals in Frontierland have become very problematic.  It appears every time I bring an issue to someones attention no one has an answer as to why it happens, which seems to be a common theme surrounding SOTMK.  The most common issue I’ve experienced is that I’ll finish a battle and instead of the graphic telling me which portal to go to next, the portal will simply close.  Now I understand it’s not that big of an issue because you can just swipe your key again and it will tell you where to go.  However that hasn’t been the case a few times.  There have been instances where the portal closes and I go to swipe my key again and for some reason it repeats the same battle.  This however has only occurred during the final adventure against Hades.   As it may not seem like a big deal to some, think about the people waiting in line behind you.  Every time a portal closes without telling you where to go, it’s just more time you’re eating up at that location.  If it happens to reset your battle it makes the wait even longer.  I’ve also noticed that when the system is having issues at the Firehouse or Liberty Square distribution areas it affects the portals as well.  So if you’re hearing that people were unable to get their spell cards at a certain time of the day you can expect to encounter some sort of issue while playing.

I also had an experience in which the Adventureland portals were down, as a result of this I decided to cut my day short.  To my surprise the next day I found myself starting the finale.  After completing the finale I went to get reset behind the Christmas shop only to be told I still had to battle Scar, Yzma, & Jafar.  I was told that while the Adventureland portals were inactive once you had completed the 5 villains you were sent to the finale.  However since they were active that day it did not show that I had completed them and was told if I wanted another pack of spell cards I needed to finish those battles.   It didn’t really bother me however I can see how this would upset another guest.

I wonder what is causing all these issues?  Has anyone else had this happen to them?  I can’t be the only one, let me know what kind of problems you’ve experienced.

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Thanks! 5/11/12

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has emailed, left comments, followed on Twitter, & liked us on Facebook.  I appreciate all the kind words and enjoy meeting those of you who are reading the blog.  I’d like to organize some sort of meetup in the coming weeks, so if anyone has any ideas leave a comment, post on the FB fan page or hit me up on twitter.  Hopefully we can throw something together soon.  Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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Tech Support 5/10/12

Well against my better judgement I asked about when the medium/hard levels would be coming back and as expected I got the same response.  Which is probably not until the end of summer, however they really put an emphasis on the fact that they are making changes to those harder levels.  When I first was told that a while back I thought they were just blowing smoke.  But today I noticed a manager with a tech CM this morning around Frontierland using an iPad and stopwatch keeping time of people at the portals.  Although I wasn’t able to get much info from them they did tell me the medium/hard levels will indeed come back at some point.  However they most likely won’t come back online until they can develop a way to make those levels move at a similar pace to the one guests are currently experiencing.  So yes it all boils down to wait times, seeing as it was probably one of the biggest complaints about SOTMK.  As much as I would like to experience the higher difficulty levels again, I definitely don’t enjoy waiting when the portals are busy.  If they can make it move faster at those levels, that would be wonderful.  If not, I suppose I’ll be starting the Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure Blog.

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No One Cares 5/9/12

Recently someone found the blog via Google search by entering “sorcerers of the magic kingdom weirdos.”  First of all, I thought that was absolutely hilarious.  This game has brought out some of the most interesting fans Disney has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong everyone has their quirks and that’s what makes us all individuals.  However there is something I witnessed today that I’d like to address.  I hate to single out this person but I was not the only one who saw how silly they were acting.  If you are one of the lucky people who have any of the ultra rare 61-70, I’m happy for you that’s awesome.  However if you’re going to play those cards it doesn’t make you special, get over yourself.  You have to realize that anyone can use a printout or even their smart phone to cast those spells.  So when you are a portal and you cast Mama Odie’s Magic Charm don’t immediately turn around to the person behind you with a smug look on your face that reads “See what I did there?” “Aren’t you impressed?”

I ran into this guy about 5 times today and every time he used a lightning bolt card he would turn around and expect me to say something.  I went the whole day and did not acknowledge him once, I could tell it was bothering him which made it even more hilarious to me.  There were even a couple of occasions where he waited around the portal expecting me to ask him about the cards.  However I just ignored him and went about my business.  Personally I don’t care how you got them, and I can guarantee most people feel the same way.  Please stop acting like you’re a great and powerful wizard, this is a game it is not real life.  Your weirdness reflects poorly on your fellow sorcerers, so I’m asking you to please stop.  : )

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Enough Already 5/8/12

Thanks to eBay even those who don’t play SOTMK know that cards 61-70 are highly coveted.  According to just about any cast member you’ll ask they are no longer in circulation.  On the other hand some of them will tell you that they are still available but the odds of getting one are astronomical.  With all of the rumors you’ll hear on twitter, theme park websites, talking with people, etc, it’s impossible to get a solid answer.  Personally I’ll never understand why 61-70 were pulled in the first place.  My guess is Disney realized that the cards would become collectibles and it’s possible they wanted to make the last 10 “chasers”.  That’s all well and good, but it appears everyone is chasing them on eBay which I’m sure Disney didn’t intend on.

Recently I’ve heard of people saying how they’ve gotten a Jasmine, Mushu or Mr. Incredible from their spell packs but how come we never see any photos?  I’ll tell you right now if I go to MK tomorrow open my spell cards and see one of the elusive lightning bolts I’ll take that bad boy to Glamour Shots.  I’d be tweeting pics left and right, I’d run through Adventureland shouting “CITRUS SWIRLS FOR ALL!”  I just don’t believe they’re in circulation anymore, and frankly I’m sick and tired of hearing the stories from people while playing.  With that said I challenge anyone out there to prove me wrong, tweet me @sotmkblog with a photo of a card 61-70 that is cut like those currently being distributed. If you can do this I’ll gladly shut up.  Otherwise I’m sorry folks you’re full of it.

Older card with round corners

Current card, corners are sharper










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Could It Be? 5/7/12

Well my weekend was much busier than anticipated so I wasn’t able to spend as much time at MK as planned.  However, thanks to some super awesome twitter followers @virgoladylisa and @cybermousey they tweeted some pics of construction walls in Fantasyland that could possibly be for new portals.  So I went out this morning to take a look and see what I could gather.  The two areas in question are behind the Carousel and next to Pinocchio’s Village Haus.

Photo courtesy of @cybermousey

After seeing this first hand today, I can’t see this being for a new portal.  Plain and simple it just wouldn’t make any sense.  As much as I don’t want to rule anything out I’m going to take a flyer here and say this is not for a new portal.  I highly doubt and really hope it’s not SOTMK related.  With all the negative comments about how intrusive some of the portals are, putting one here would definitely ruffle some feathers.

In my opinion food & portals don’t mix.

Now this construction wall by PVH seems feasible, but not another restaurant?  In my opinion Tortuga is a disaster zone during lunch time.  There’s nothing more intrusive than crowds of people at a portal while others are trying to eat.  I really hope that WDI would stay away from constructing another portal at a dining location.  As much as new portals are needed to help the congestion in Fantasyland placing another one in a dining location is not the answer.  I’d rather wait for portals to be added in the Fantasyland expansion, than be in way of people who are trying to take a break and enjoy a meal.

Remember people this is all speculation and I wasn’t able to get an answer out of anyone so take it in stride.  This might not even be SOTMK related at all, I have heard that there are going to be some sort of kiosks for the xpass/fastpass+ system so maybe these construction walls have something to do with that.  If I hear or see anything else, I’ll be sure to let you all know.

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What Do You Think? 5/4/12

There has been some debate whether SOTMK is over advertised in the park.  I’m going to visit MK over the weekend and I plan to get other people’s thoughts on this subject for a new post on Monday.  In the mean time if you could please participate in this poll I would greatly appreciate it.

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Multiple Keys 5/3/12

The one thing I find most consistent with SOTMK is the lack of common courtesy people display towards one another.  Specifically those who are playing multiple keys.  As much as it stinks waiting behind the family that is playing two or more keys I completely understand it.  If the kids want to play on their own that’s fine I can live with that, this game was designed for them in the first place.  However I think it’s pretty obnoxious when adults are playing multiple keys and have no respect for others waiting behind them.

OK, if you want to play multiple keys that’s fine.  I have nothing against that.  What I am referring to is when both of your keys require you to be at the same portal and you simply play one battle after another.  It’s pretty rude when there is a line of 5 or more people and you finish your 1st battle, and then have the audacity to swipe your other key.   Call me crazy but I think that’s just ignorant.  On the other hand if there’s no one waiting behind you, go for it.  However If you do see a lot of people waiting show some respect to your fellow sorcerers by going to the back of the line to wait your turn again.  Chances are if you’re doing stuff like this you live here, remember just because you’re a local AP doesn’t mean you own the place.

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Round Em Up! 5/2/12

If you purchase this item, you are simply an idiot.

Yes there is an actual eBay listing for a deck of 1-70 with round corners for the low price of $4500. <sarcasm>

I do realize that this is just the asking price and the seller is considering offers and that they most likely won’t get that amount.  However let’s think about the track record on eBay for SOTMK cards.  As of today the Cast Member card has sold on 2 separate occasions for $699.99 & $510.00.  On average cards 61-70 are going for $100+.  Decks of 1-60 are being sold from $150-$300, Apprentice Mickey is going for $20+, & other star cards are going for $10+.  So yes there are people out that are willing to spend.  Given the recent listings of the 61-70 I would say the market value for this auction is around $1200.  Then again what I do know, someone might think this is great deal.

Here’s the bad part about this auction.  In addition to the obvious greed surrounding free cards.  There’s the emphasis on the “value” of the round corners.  Yes they are the older,  and for regulars that play SOTMK they are collectible.  In my opinion the seller has set a precedent with this auction by inflating the value of the round corners thus they’re going to be even harder to acquire.  People will simply start hoarding them like they do with Apprentice Mickey.  Thinking that they’ve found gold and they’re going to strike it rich.  For those still seeking rounded corner cards it’s going to be even tougher now and that’s a shame.

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WHAT?!? 5/1/12

I was doing my daily surfing on eBay when I came across this monstrosity.


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