New Portals 5/1/12

There has been a lot of chatter lately regarding new portals being developed and from what I’ve heard some have already been constructed.  But the question is do we really need them?  It’s certainly not a bad idea.  Think about it, there is some major upside by adding at least 1 new portal in each land.

First of all you’ll have shorter waits.  In the current version of SOTMK every adventure for the exception of the finale requires you to visit 4 portals.   Whereas the finale requires all 5.  I say in the current version because during testing and certain portions of the day the sidekick battles are available to guests.  Some of those adventures are lacking without those battles, since they are vital to the continuity of the stories being told.  With at least 6 portals in each land you’ll be able to accommodate that extra scene without overloading each portal with sorcerers.

Another reason new portals could have a positive impact is the potential for expansion.  Considering the overwhelming popularity of SOTMK, it’s only a matter of time until you’ll see portals in Tomorrowland.  With Villains like Gantu, Zurg, & Syndrome in the Disney catalog they could fit seamlessly within the land.  WDI has done a wonderful job with this attraction thus far and I’m sure there will be some great additions in the future.

With a possible addition of Captain Gantu, a Stitch spell card only makes sense : )

Of course there will be those who will say adding new portals is a bad thing and it will destroy the park even further, but I disagree.  I am confident WDI will be careful in their design and placement of any new portals.

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