Replacing A Classic 6/11/12

This replaced the poster for Snow White’s Scary Adventures

Over the weekend a SOTMK poster replaced the once previously displayed Snow White’s Scary Adventures.  As much as I defend SOTMK, I do not believe that this was an acceptable replacement of such a classic attraction.  With such a wide variety of attractions to choose from why go this route?  Even though I believe SOTMK is a great product I do not feel that it deserves a poster in the train station.  For example why not choose something in Storybook Circus?  You have a fantastic and growing area in Storybook Circus that will be showcasing such an immersive interactive queue in Dumbo.  That should garner some attention!  Despite the area being new, the attraction on its own has the nostalgic appeal that makes it deserving of having a poster in the train station.  I know it’s just a poster and as cool looking as it is I just don’t believe it should be showcased among Splash Mountain,  Big Thunder, Space Mountain & Tea Cups.  Yes, even the Tea Cups, sorry guys.

Special thanks to Kendra for the pic, follow her @hintofspy on Twitter.  She’s awesome!

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1 thought on “Replacing A Classic 6/11/12

  1. I rather it not be posted at all. The lines are bad enough. At least, until they fix that issue. Then again, I want SOTMK to survive, what I believe is the continued trial period. (Ie. Kimpossible) I like the poster.

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