Trade Bait 6/14/12


Having completed my set long ago I personally don’t need or desire to do much trading.  I will however do my best to help others complete their sets whenever possible.  So if you find yourself in a jam with not many cards that traders are looking for here’s my suggestion to you.  Hold on to a couple unopened packs.  With as many people playing on a daily basis and the variety of groups that have popped up on Facebook, it’s important to get creative.  I’ve also seen people trading pins, vinyls, & even transportation cards.  People are swapping anything to get deals done!  As far as what the ratio for spell cards to pins or vinyls I’m not sure about that.  That’s something you’ll have to work out on your own.   In the end holding on to a few unopened packs could be a deciding factor in helping you finish your set!

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