Uhhh… 6/15/12

I’m sure most of you have seen last week’s live chat that was hosted by the Disney Parks blog with Imagineer Jonathan Ackley.  Though many questions were left unanswered thus leaving fans disappointed there was one answer that certainly confused a few of us. 

Comment From DisneyDayByDay How many spell cards can you hold up? I’ve tried a few before but it seems to only grab one of them.

Jonathan: If you’re playing as a single player, it’s limited to two – it’s limited by the number of people in your party. Depending on the size of our party, you can cast up to six spells at once.

If you’ve played SOTMK enough you know that’s simply not true.  As many sorcerers can attest to there are several three card combos that will work with no problems whatsoever.  It just comes down which animations will not block each other out.  For example, Colonel Hathi, Mowgli & Baloo is a win just about every time.  Now of course it’s not going to work if you aren’t standing on the circle of power or if you’re waving your spell cards around like a mad man.  No need to get discouraged sorcerers keep calm and hold up 3 cards!

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