The Next TCG? 6/18/12

The Blue Fairy equal to Buzz Lightyear?

Like most people I really had no clue what the numbers on the spell cards mean.  At first I thought it had something to do with the strategy behind the game.  Since we’ve come to find out that isn’t the case.  My best guess is that the game was designed as a possible home game in the future.  With rumors of extending the spell card library and the possible sale of booster packs on the horizon this makes sense.  With the popularity of games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, & Magic The Gathering it’s only natural for Disney to follow suit with SOTMK.  Just imagine a SOTMK Tournament filling one of the convention halls at the Contemporary.  Families booking specific trips to WDW just to participate in these tournaments.  That would be hilarious to me.  I get a kick out of some the sorcerers as it is, between the guy with the custom-made sorcerers crest ring or the guy who walks around with a wand I don’t know who is crazier.  However the one thing I find really funny is that Buzz Lightyear & The Blue Fairy have equal values.  Attack, Boost & Shield it’s all 2’s across the board.  You mean to tell me that a Space Ranger is the same as a Fairy, no way!  Regardless of that possible error SOTMK seems like the perfect candidate to join the growing list trading card games.

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