Trustworthy Traders 6/20/12

Although it can feel overwhelming in Tortuga Tavern with the traders.  It can at times be a pleasant experience.  As I’ve mentioned before there are a couple Facebook groups that you can join to get a feel for the trading community.   In addition to the Facebook group run by friend of the blog Martin SOTMK Helpers which I believe has a fair amount of locals.  There is also a larger group run by a nice fella named David SOTMK Group.  That seems to have coordinated lots of trades without issue.  If you’re able to get to the parks often I’ve met some great people in Tortuga that are there on a regular basis.  Specifically Bret, Christin, Darren & Martin to name a few.  They’re super cool and very easy to work with when it comes to trading and are also more than willing to help people finish their decks anyway they can.  So check out those groups and be on the look out for those folks while in Tortuga.  Despite all the crazies rest assured that there are truly are some wonderful people in the SOTMK community.

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