iSorcerers 6/25/12

I received some exciting news over the weekend courtesy of app developer and friend of the blog Casey Santilli.  Along with the help of his friend Michael Lindenmayer and their joint venture Hadjilogics.  They are on the verge of releasing a free iPhone App called iSorcerers.  Now there are already a couple pay apps on the market that have card photos and databases however this app will serve more as a utility and will make some major improvements to your gaming experience!  Here are just some of the features that will be a part of this exciting new app!

  • Interactive card checklist
  • An ability to check in at portals to record wait times
  • In app messaging system to set up with trades with other iSorcerers users

Here are a couple of screenshots provided to me by the developers.

Home screen with portal wait times listed

Send a message to a fellow Sorcerer in real time to set up an in park trade

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6 thoughts on “iSorcerers 6/25/12

  1. Great to hear that an app is in the making…
    You mentioned that there are already some apps out there. Can you share links to them? I searched the iTunes App Store and didn’t see anything.

      • I did some searching and can’t find them, if you can let me know the names or post a link it would be really helpful.

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