Don’t Wait 6/26/12

Last week I posted an article entitled Pace Yourself with some helpful tips to guide you through your adventure in saving the Magic Kingdom.  One thing I forgot to mention was to always finish the Fantasyland battles first.  With the relocation of the finale to Frontierland, you now only have to battle Ursula & Maleficent in Fantasyland.  The reason you want to complete this land first is because you won’t be able to access the portals in the evening hours before and after wishes.  Which is roughly a 2 hour window.  The reason for this is that location behind the castle is a fireworks fall out area.  To avoid this kindly ask a CM either at the Firehouse or Christmas Shoppe to relocate you to a Fantasyland adventure.  If you’re polite and explain to them that you’d simply like to finish those adventures before wishes you shouldn’t have a problem.  There’s nothing worse than only having one battle to go before the finale and not being able to get it done!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Wait 6/26/12

  1. I haven’t been able to get the CMs to relocate me in a while. Last time I asked they told me they only do it for technical difficulties now. They told me it was causing long lines at portals.

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