Oh My Stars 7/2/12

When picking up spell cards at the Magic Kingdom you can usually expect to receive the following cards in your pack.

  • 1 Rare Card (Star)
  • 2 Moon Cards (Uncommon)
  • 2 Planet Cards (Common)

However there is no guarantee that you will get exactly that.  I have experienced instances where I have gotten different quantities of uncommon and common cards.  In addition to those instances there were also times I was lucky enough to receive 2 rare cards in one pack.  Worst case scenario is that you receive ZERO star cards in your pack.  For the longest time I believed this to be a myth just like the whole lightning bolt in every 1000 packs nonsense.  However this appears to be true.  Myself along with a few others had fallen victim to the “skunk pack” over the weekend.  As disappointing as it may be always remember not to get too bent of shape, it’s not like you paid for them.  So there’s no reason to take out your frustrations on a cast member.  It’s not their fault Hades is sabotaging the spell cards!

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