So There’s This Guy… 7/12/12

I want to preface this by saying this is my personal blog and I am entitled to share my opinions whether they are positive or negative whenever I feel necessary. Whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts I completely welcome you to leave a comment, send an email, etc.

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions about the people I’ve encountered during my experiences with SOTMK. Usually I have nothing but good things to say, however there is one person in general that sticks out. I am talking about “the guy with the wand” I suppose it’s a general description but you’ll see what I am getting at. This a grown adult man, that totes around what appears to be a Potter-esque wand with a velcro mounting square affixed to the tip. In addition to this he has each of his spell cards in hard plastic protectors with velcro squares on the backs. Thus when it is time to cast his spell, he simply connects the two components and “higitus figitus” Ursula is down for the count. I am not the only who thinks this is totally crazy, in fact it’s frightening. If you’re into it, that’s totally cool. I think this game is great, but you’re taking it to the extreme, and its scaring people. When people see things like that they’ll continue to think we’re all nuts. Binders, Card Albums, Deck boxes that’s cool. However a full on cloak and custom-made wand, not OK when you’re pushing 30. I understand people come to the parks to escape, but this is a bit much. Have a dole whip and join the rest of us in the real world.

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13 thoughts on “So There’s This Guy… 7/12/12

  1. I have never met the person. But, has anyone talked to him? With autism at it’s all time high. Who knows what mental capacity this person has. I believe its strange, I also believe that one person can’t possibly represent the whole. So, I am willing to give this person the benefit of the doubt. Please share stories, I want to read more. But, if the person with the wand is reading this, I say to you kind sir, “If you are not hurting anyone or freaking the people around you(that makes the parents remove their kids from you and the game). I say, follow your dream. I will take this guy over the recent stories I hear about thieves stealing cards from other sorcerers.

  2. BTW, I read this story to my wife and she responded, “Binders, Card Albums and Deck boxes–you may think its cool, but to us normal people, it is not a far cry from the guy in the cape.” I told my wife the next time we go to the Magic Kingdom, she can wait in the car. 😛

  3. Next time you see the get up, tweet a pic. I don’t frequent the park as much as I use to and would love a spot on visual. Does this happen every time you are there or just shows up when you least expect him?

  4. I’ve followed your blog since it’s beginning and this is the only time I’ve posted because it just plain ridiculous. I sincerely hope you’re not making this up.

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