FINALLY! 7/26/12

Photo courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog

Just two days after my long-winded whiny post, the Disney Parks Blog confirmed that sometime in August, Booster Packs including cards 61-70 will be available for purchase.  In addition to that,  as I predicted over a month ago SOTMK is indeed being converted to a home game.  For $11.95 (subject to change of course) you can expect to receive 7 spell cards one of which will be a “super-rare”, one of four game boards, game rules, new tokens and a complete spell card checklist.

Photo courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog

Now as exciting as this sounds, don’t get too crazy just yet.  It has been confirmed that the other 6 cards in each booster pack will include cards you can already get at both the Main Street & Liberty Square distribution areas.  Not taking the opportunity to expand the spell card library is a total fail in my opinion.  You have a rabid fan base ready to spend! Why not release another 70 cards that are available for purchase only.  Essentially this forces guests to spend $11.95 a pop until you get cards 61-70.  On the other hand this should put an end to the absurd resale market, which I’m sure was a goal.  To be honest I’d gladly pay $11.95 instead of $195 for any of the elusive lightning bolts.  A positive note about the sale of the booster packs is that it was also confirmed that they will be available for purchase on the Disney Store website.  So those who aren’t local or frequent visitors will have the ability to purchase them as well.  Finally the blog confirmed yet again that pins will be available in the fall providing a photo of the mystery pin set.

Photo courtesy of the Disney Parks Blog

Although they didn’t give us much, it was at least something.  Now if they’d just get moving on the medium/hard levels, we’ll be happy… Maybe? : )

For the complete post direct from Disney click here.

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