A Nutty Rumor 8/31/12

As usual there have been some wild rumors revolving around SotMK. To be completely honest none of them have been worth writing about until now. Recently I overheard some cast members talking about new cards that are going to be released. Now we’ve all heard rumblings about a vast expansion of the spell card library, but this is not it. I heard there is a strong chance that we will see a limited number of cards possibly 10 or 12 that would be released one at a time to coincide with special events. For example the first new spell card rumored to be part of this series is one of Chip n’ Dale. According to what I heard this card will only be available for purchase to those attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. The sale will begin at the start of the event and will conclude at the end. Once the event is over, that’s it end of line.

Sounds pretty cool huh? Indeed it does, but it also sounds expensive. In that purchasing a ticket to a special event is required to purchase the card. I honestly believe since the release of the booster packs Disney has now fully realized the merchandising potential of SotMK. With an instant sell out on the day of release, people can’t wait to buy more. In addition to this little nugget of info I would honestly expect a full on surge of booster packs to be released in conjunction with the start of the Halloween party. By doing so this maximizes Disney’s SotMK profits in that if you’re gonna buy some booster packs why not buy the Limited Edition card too. You’re already halfway there. If this rumor is indeed true I’m really excited to see what other cards they come up with for things New Fantasyland & The Christmas Party. Either way the possible release of an exclusive MNSSHP Spell Card has enticed me enough to purchase a ticket.

Will you do the same?

*NOTE* as of 9/9/12 I’ve heard the card will be free to event guests only.

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Buyer Beware 8/27/12

As expected there are a few SotMK Booster Packs that have made their way on eBay.  However I spotted one seller who is going a step further and trying to pass off the new cut of cards 61-70 on eBay as ones that were only available during testing.  If you visit the link you’ll see that is clearly false.  As you can see in the photos below the difference between a beta card and the ones currently available now. (Beta Left & Non Beta Right)

As you’ll see the seller is trying to pass off the cards as beta which is clearly not the case due to their sharper corners.  Although the seller does not distinctly say they are “beta” cards they do say:

“You are bidding on an extremely RARE card that is used in playing the exciting new game called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This game is played at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom park. Cards #61-#70 were only distributed during the testing phase of the game.”

Thus trying to make it sound more valuable than they actually are.  If you’re going to purchase cards be careful, don’t fall for listings like these!

***As of Today 8/30/12 the seller has since update their listings to reflect that they came from booster packs.***

***9/12/12 There are no listings from this seller.

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The Aftermath 8/20/12

Two of the coveted lightning bolts I received on Friday!

Roughly 1 hour & 20 minutes was all it took last Friday for the SotMK booster packs to sell out.  As one of the lucky people to get my hands on the coveted merchandise I have to say the entire cast at the Emporium did a wonderful job in keeping the operation orderly and efficient.  Just seconds after rope drop a horde of people stormed the Emporium, causing the line to stretch out of the door closest to the Firehouse.  In an effort to avoid crowding within the Emporium, stanchions were setup just outside the door and guests were let in a few at time.  Upon entering they were moved into a shorter line in front of the set of registers devoted to the sale of booster packs only.  Disney made a very wise decision in keeping the merchandise at one register and behind the counter.  As well as enforcing a purchase limit of 5 per guest.  This resulted in a very smooth and pleasant experience for those who were able to purchase them.

There was plenty of joy and excitement in the air that day.  Especially on the face of Imagineer Jonathan Ackley who was present during the release.  He was very excited to see the amount of people who had shown up to purchase the cards.  In addition to the long awaited booster release, guests were surprised to hear that the medium level had been activated for testing.  The level will continue to be tested this week with the last day being Friday the 24th.  Immediately after making their purchase most guests were tearing into the booster packs to see what lightning bolts they had acquired.  Personally I had waited a while and observed as people made the mad dash to trade their duplicates in an effort to finally complete their set.  When I had finally opened mine, I tweeted out what I had for trade and immediately received responses from people as to what they had to offer.  I made my way to Tortuga and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of traders.  This had turned out to be just as crazy as I expected.

With all this excitement there is bound to be disappointment.  There were many who left empty-handed and angry.  I personally witnessed a grown man have a full on temper tantrum when he was told they had ran out.  Which to me was absolutely hilarious.  There’s nothing I love more than seeing someone have a meltdown while they’re on Disney property.  Let alone an adult man who lost it over a game that was designed for kids.  One thing that didn’t surprise me is there was not a single person at least in my opinion, that balked at the price of $11.95 per pack. Let alone thought twice about purchasing the max amount.  It’s clear to me that these fans are ready and able to spend.  After last Friday Disney has to be fully aware that they have created a merchandise monster.  With the upcoming release of pins this fall, the possibilities for more SotMK merch are endless.

As far when more booster packs are to become available I’ve heard rumors as early as Wednesday and as late as Friday, however nothing is confirmed.  I will keep my eyes and ears open to do my best in keeping everyone informed via the blog and twitter.  On a personal note I’d like to thank Steven Miller for doing a great job in keeping in contact with the community and answering our questions to the best of his abilities.

Finally I’d like to give a shout out to the SotMK Helpers Group over on Facebook.  This group is filled with some amazing people who are truly making a difference in the SotMK fan community.  I highly suggest you check them out!

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Booster Pack Photos! 8/17/12

I wanted to share some photos of the home game portion included in the booster packs.  Here you’ll find all four gameboards, rules, spell card checklist, key card & game tokens.  I have yet to soak in all the knowledge that is the home game.  So for now you’ll simply have to enjoy the photos!  We’ll be back Monday with a recap of today’s events and a more in depth look at the booster packs and home game!

UPDATE:  Here’s one more pic : )

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Hooray!!! 8/17/12

Well it’s like Christmas Day for the SOTMK fan community! This is the day we’ve all waited for, the booster packs are going to be released at the Emporium in the Magic Kingdom. There’s nothing more fascinating to me than how the Walt Disney Company gets me so excited to spend money. Fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the elusive 61-70 ever since they disappeared in late February. Well folks the time has finally come! Now I am sure there are some of you that aren’t local and don’t have the opportunity to purchase them asap. Although there is no confirmed release date for the when they are available DisneyStore.com I have this suggestion. Just calling merchandise guest services at 407-934-6111 select option 4 and ask them if they have Booster Packs for sale. Now you will pay shipping charges, however if you can’t wait for the Disney Store it’s worth a shot! With today being the end of blackout dates for seasonal passholders, choosing this release date was a brilliant move by Disney. As I know personally a lot of people that are driving up or spending the weekend on property just so they have first crack at the SOTMK Boosters. Best of luck to everyone!

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It’s Confirmed! 8/16/12

A closer look at the game boards in the booster packs. Photo provided by Disney.

After making two early morning trips to the Magic Kingdom in hopes of a Booster Pack release I was left empty handed.  However today it has been confirmed via Twitter from WDW & Steven Miller that tomorrow at the Emporium, SOTMK Booster Packs will be released!  It was very exciting to see the official news come direct from Disney.  As I had heard a variety of possible dates from managers which seemed like it was going to be later rather than sooner.  Also I must say It was a nice touch for Steven Miller to send me a tweet!

If you think about it, it’s pretty convenient that tomorrow ended up being the release date.  You know with the seasonal passholder blackouts being lifted and all.  Mickey sure is going to bring home the bacon tomorrow.


There will be a limit enforced on how many packs can be purchased on launch day

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Booster Watch Day 2 8/15/12

Well it’s day 2 and I’ll be heading out to the Magic Kingdom yet again to see if the Booster Packs are being released!  Judging by the lack of info from Disney on a release date I have little hope.  I did however get a response from Jenn of the Disney Parks Blog via Twitter in regards to a release date who told me she’d “look into it.”  So all I can is keep my fingers crossed!  I mean come on Disney, there are people waiting to give you MONEY!!!

                         I still need this card!

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Booster Watch! 8/14/12

I’m heading out to Magic Kingdom to see if the rumors are true, Booster Pack watch starts now!  Although I am not expecting anything I’ll still be on the lookout!  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and join our Facebook Fan Page!  As I’ll be posting any updates there!

Meh. 8/13/12

“Have A Magical Day!”

We’re roughly six months into SotMK and the amount of misinformation that is still passed on to guests is alarming.  I’ve always stuck up for the cast members working this attraction and will continue to do so.  However the lack of communication among those on stage and off stage is simply unacceptable.  I’m not sure if coordinators, management, or any other higher ups know exactly what your cast members are telling guests in regards to SotMK.  The better question is, do you even care?

I have the responsibility of gathering as much information and asking as many questions as I can for the purposes of writing this blog.  The SotMK community is a large one and I have taken it upon myself to do my best to bring them any and all information.  With that said when I’m at the Magic Kingdom I try to talk to as many cast members as I can.  For the most part all of them have friendly and warm personalities which is a plus.  However most of them have no clue what is going on with this attraction.  Which is a major problem.  Here’s some of the things I’ve been told by cast members about SotMK in the past few weeks.

  • “You can still get cards 61-70 in the packs we hand out, it’s like 1 in 1000.”
  • “The medium/hard levels are never coming back, the Imagineers told us so.”
  • “I only need your park ticket to give you spell cards.”
  • “I only need your key card to give you spell cards.”
  • “I need both your key card and park ticket to give you spell cards.”
  • “Yeah the system crash was due to a server overload.”
  • “I don’t know why the system crashed.”
  • “Oh, we’re going to start selling the cards?”

At the risk of sounding even more redundant I’ll stop there.  I understand there is a decent amount of cast member turn over at this location.  Which is likely due to the Disney College Program, and the fact this cast is considered Main Street Ops and is not solely devoted to SotMK.  However it’s no excuse to have a bunch of people working in an area in which they aren’t given any information about.  Thus when approached with a question they don’t have an answer for, at the risk of upsetting the guest they’ll make up something off the top of their head.  I’d have to equate that to having a Jungle Cruise Skipper that doesn’t know the spiel.  It’s bad show.  Get with it, everyone needs to be on the same page and there needs to be some consistency.  To be completely honest I think we’d all rather be given the stock “I don’t know.”  Instead of being fed nonsense.  Take some pride in this attraction, the guests deserve better.

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Oh The Humanity!!! 8/7/12

Even the “Ermahgerd Girl” can’t believe Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom crashed.

Well it appears on 8/5 Hades and the rest of the villains crashed the system that runs SOTMK.  Not only did this halt play for most people, it also erased every single Sorcerers progress.  Yes that’s right all of your progress!!!  So if you’ve played since day one and have powered up all of your spell cards, guess what folks you get to START OVER!  Yippee!!! Hooray!!!  This is a total disappointment to those who play frequently but even more disappointing to returning guests who hope to continue their quest in saving the Magic Kingdom.  Although you will be reset to wherever you were in the game, losing your spell card power is the biggest fail.  I noticed today that most of my spell cards only displayed level 1 animations.  With tech problems like this I can’t imagine the medium/hard levels coming back anytime soon.

I guess the only positive we have to look forward to is that we’ll be able to spend money come August 14th when the booster packs arrive.  (Yes, I’m sticking by that rumor)

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