Oh The Humanity!!! 8/7/12

Even the “Ermahgerd Girl” can’t believe Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom crashed.

Well it appears on 8/5 Hades and the rest of the villains crashed the system that runs SOTMK.  Not only did this halt play for most people, it also erased every single Sorcerers progress.  Yes that’s right all of your progress!!!  So if you’ve played since day one and have powered up all of your spell cards, guess what folks you get to START OVER!  Yippee!!! Hooray!!!  This is a total disappointment to those who play frequently but even more disappointing to returning guests who hope to continue their quest in saving the Magic Kingdom.  Although you will be reset to wherever you were in the game, losing your spell card power is the biggest fail.  I noticed today that most of my spell cards only displayed level 1 animations.  With tech problems like this I can’t imagine the medium/hard levels coming back anytime soon.

I guess the only positive we have to look forward to is that we’ll be able to spend money come August 14th when the booster packs arrive.  (Yes, I’m sticking by that rumor)

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