Booster Watch Day 2 8/15/12

Well it’s day 2 and I’ll be heading out to the Magic Kingdom yet again to see if the Booster Packs are being released!  Judging by the lack of info from Disney on a release date I have little hope.  I did however get a response from Jenn of the Disney Parks Blog via Twitter in regards to a release date who told me she’d “look into it.”  So all I can is keep my fingers crossed!  I mean come on Disney, there are people waiting to give you MONEY!!!

                         I still need this card!

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2 thoughts on “Booster Watch Day 2 8/15/12

  1. In the Magic Kingdom tunnels, a poster is announcing the pack is “Now Available!” I scoured the Emporium and Christmas Shoppe today, but to no avail. A SOTMK cast member named Geoff said they’re supposed to be on shelves now, but something went screwy with the shipping and will be in within the week.

  2. EPIC FAIL… I am so disappointed with SOTMK right now. I live 400 miles away, and I’ve been coming down to play every 4 to 6 weeks since it went Beta the first of February. We flew in yesterday, my husband had to work and I went straight to the park to play. There are so many nice people playing and the original cast members got how “cool” this game could become. I loved the Disney twist on the collectible cards, Tink links Geek, my favorite combination.

    But its just not fun anymore.

    I got four different answers on the booster packs, four, and they have been so long in getting here. The hysterics over 61-70 is completely self-inflicted Disney drama, and still I was willing to pay to get them… Even In “mystery” the booster packs.

    The game doesn’t have any level advancement in the foreseeble future. Last night, several portals were failing and sending folks in redundant loops. Frontierland portals had long waits while at the same time Adventureland was completely empty except for one table of traders and they weren’t playing the portal.

    That is not the worst of it, when I went to pick up cards I already knew the system had “crashed” a week ago and I would have to reset, not happy about that but it happens… Long line at the Fire Station, OK, it’s Disney. CM tells me about the reset. I am told my annual pass had demagnetized and I had to go to city hall before getting cards. OK, it happens no problem. City hall says my card is fine but they reissue another card. Back to the Firehouse, a different, very terse CM explains the reset again and I tell her don’t remember who I had defeated but I thought I had one or two villains left and Hades. It’s been six weeks and my memory isn’t what it use to be. She apparently does not believe me. She questions me about the game. Mind you, I have cycled thru the villains and Hades seven times. She asks me to name all the villains in the game and how I defeated them. I stumble on Yzma and Radcliffe.

    SO WHAT? I am the guest right? And it is just a game right? Then she leaves for the next guest without giving me any cards. Really??? I am a former college CM, before there was a real college program, and I know some days are harder than others but….

    Then I get another CM to help me, I find out the other CM had sent me to fantasyland where play is stopped before the fireworks and this CM asks if I want to play somewhere else so I can actually play… Yes. Of course, I’m here to play the game.

    So played thru three villains… And guess what, after aparently failing the villain test, the first CM had Decided I needed to start at the beginning so she reset me at level one. The Christmas kiosk was closed, so today I go to get my levels straight. Or maybe not.

    And… As I am playing at the “eye”, next to Harbour House, a mouse, not the happy Mickey kind but the real brown big kind zooms between the building and the fruit stand trash bins! ON PROPERTY! I will have to let someone know… Never in 40 years of coming here have I ever seen that… Never.

    I think I’ve entered an alternative universe. This sure isn’t the Disney I know and love. And I am an AP, TiW, and a D23 and a former Causal Temp. CM.

    Maybe, I am better served just enjoying the parks in their original form.
    And being a gamer elsewhere.

    The game just isn’t fun anymore. And it’s ruining my limited time here.



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