It’s Confirmed! 8/16/12

A closer look at the game boards in the booster packs. Photo provided by Disney.

After making two early morning trips to the Magic Kingdom in hopes of a Booster Pack release I was left empty handed.  However today it has been confirmed via Twitter from WDW & Steven Miller that tomorrow at the Emporium, SOTMK Booster Packs will be released!  It was very exciting to see the official news come direct from Disney.  As I had heard a variety of possible dates from managers which seemed like it was going to be later rather than sooner.  Also I must say It was a nice touch for Steven Miller to send me a tweet!

If you think about it, it’s pretty convenient that tomorrow ended up being the release date.  You know with the seasonal passholder blackouts being lifted and all.  Mickey sure is going to bring home the bacon tomorrow.


There will be a limit enforced on how many packs can be purchased on launch day

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