Booster Pack Photos! 8/17/12

I wanted to share some photos of the home game portion included in the booster packs.  Here you’ll find all four gameboards, rules, spell card checklist, key card & game tokens.  I have yet to soak in all the knowledge that is the home game.  So for now you’ll simply have to enjoy the photos!  We’ll be back Monday with a recap of today’s events and a more in depth look at the booster packs and home game!

UPDATE:  Here’s one more pic : )

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6 thoughts on “Booster Pack Photos! 8/17/12

  1. Great blog. Without it I wouldn’t have known about the sale. I was behind you in line with my 2 kids and you were nice enough to give them a few packs to help them complete their set. Couldn’t be a nicer guy as we were leaving for the airport an hour after. Keep up the great work and looking forward on more info.

  2. Why is Disney continuing to create an after market for this game? They certainly have enough packs of cards to give out to every guest. Why can’t they get enough booster packs? Unacceptable!!!!!

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