Buyer Beware 8/27/12

As expected there are a few SotMK Booster Packs that have made their way on eBay.  However I spotted one seller who is going a step further and trying to pass off the new cut of cards 61-70 on eBay as ones that were only available during testing.  If you visit the link you’ll see that is clearly false.  As you can see in the photos below the difference between a beta card and the ones currently available now. (Beta Left & Non Beta Right)

As you’ll see the seller is trying to pass off the cards as beta which is clearly not the case due to their sharper corners.  Although the seller does not distinctly say they are “beta” cards they do say:

“You are bidding on an extremely RARE card that is used in playing the exciting new game called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This game is played at Walt Disney World in the Magic Kingdom park. Cards #61-#70 were only distributed during the testing phase of the game.”

Thus trying to make it sound more valuable than they actually are.  If you’re going to purchase cards be careful, don’t fall for listings like these!

***As of Today 8/30/12 the seller has since update their listings to reflect that they came from booster packs.***

***9/12/12 There are no listings from this seller.

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4 thoughts on “Buyer Beware 8/27/12

  1. Can’t these people be reported. Those that know should go on eBay and report him. It’s obvious as day that he is saying that it is a card used during beta testing and thus trying to pass it off as a beta card, yet he has a pic of a new version of the card. Isn’t that illegal?

    I did my part in reporting the listing as false, everyone else should as well, this is a moment where we should band together to maintain some sanctity in this game we love

  2. If Disney had not created a false shortage by only releasing 61 -70 during testing, this would not be an issue. Compounding the problem is their dismal production of “booster packs” that only highlight the shortage and create additional revenue opportunities for their cast members. The next time I play Sorcerer’s will be when I see booster packs for sale without a queue going out the door.

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