A Nutty Rumor 8/31/12

As usual there have been some wild rumors revolving around SotMK. To be completely honest none of them have been worth writing about until now. Recently I overheard some cast members talking about new cards that are going to be released. Now we’ve all heard rumblings about a vast expansion of the spell card library, but this is not it. I heard there is a strong chance that we will see a limited number of cards possibly 10 or 12 that would be released one at a time to coincide with special events. For example the first new spell card rumored to be part of this series is one of Chip n’ Dale. According to what I heard this card will only be available for purchase to those attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom. The sale will begin at the start of the event and will conclude at the end. Once the event is over, that’s it end of line.

Sounds pretty cool huh? Indeed it does, but it also sounds expensive. In that purchasing a ticket to a special event is required to purchase the card. I honestly believe since the release of the booster packs Disney has now fully realized the merchandising potential of SotMK. With an instant sell out on the day of release, people can’t wait to buy more. In addition to this little nugget of info I would honestly expect a full on surge of booster packs to be released in conjunction with the start of the Halloween party. By doing so this maximizes Disney’s SotMK profits in that if you’re gonna buy some booster packs why not buy the Limited Edition card too. You’re already halfway there. If this rumor is indeed true I’m really excited to see what other cards they come up with for things New Fantasyland & The Christmas Party. Either way the possible release of an exclusive MNSSHP Spell Card has enticed me enough to purchase a ticket.

Will you do the same?

*NOTE* as of 9/9/12 I’ve heard the card will be free to event guests only.

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8 thoughts on “A Nutty Rumor 8/31/12

  1. I’m glad they released a ‘home game’, but no one outside of Orlando can play. Now they might release special cards available only during events. For anyone outside of Orlando, the only place to buy these items is: eBay! If Disney was that upset about scalpers selling on eBay, they would make cards more widely available.

    • Well the booster packs are going to be for sale on the DIsney Store website at some point. As unfortunate as it is that these new cards that are rumored to be sold exclusively at WDW during special events. It’s the same as any other LE merchandise. Whether its pins, vinyls, or apparel. No matter what the item there will always be a secondary market.

  2. Ick. If that is the only way they’ll be releasing new cards then that is it for me. I don’t have the time or the funds to waste doing that.

  3. When my wife and I began playing this game, we were told “this is not a card collecting game.” by cast members. Clearly it is and Disney seems determined to suck every penny out of it they can. We’re done playing the game as long as Disney continues to create artificial shortages.

  4. Well I was a pin trader way back when, and that is how Disney killed the pin trading. Sadly I’m seeing the same paterns, scammers at the portals, people waiting for you outside the firehouse wanting to get your unopened packs, and more. My wife went to give some card away (Give away not trade) to a kid that was playing, and the mom, and dad grabbed him away and said no no we don’t want to trade. We had to explain that we did not want to trade, just give him cards. We gave hime around 20 cards that we had a duplicates and he was thrilled, but I noticed in the line behind him several folks giving us the evil eye, and sure enough a couple of adults walked up and just asked us if we had extra cards. When we said no they mentioned about the cards we just gave away.

    I’m seeing folks with the mega notebooks, the boxes of extra cards, and most have the lanyards with the pins, the hats with pins on them, and they don’t even try they just stand there with a bored look on their faces, and just open a book with 20 cards to cast a spell.

    Don’t get me wrong I was a full pin case toting, pin vest wearing full blown pin trader, but with what Disney was doing with the pins I just gave it up, just as I gave up this game after my first 9 villian conquest.

    I do have one question for all… Honestly if you have done the course once or twice, what is the point of doing it again, while you complain about the number of people at the portals, complain about the cards, and whine about the way Disney is selling the cards.

    I will offer this dismaying observation, this game has no windows, and no doors, which leaves with this challenge, to find a way out… If you don’t buy cards at the events, they will sell them outside the events, but if you scramble to buy MNSS tickets they will see the rise in sales, and offer them only at lame events, but if you do that, quit complaining.

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